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I get the optimism here, however I'm starting to genuinely think the UK government is going to find any way to keep the lockdown going
In fact I'm already picturing a scenario where its near the end of the year, the virus has been completely contained and its spread almost nothing. The majority of the world had opened back up and people are allowed to move freely with terms like new normal and social distancing forgotten about. Meanwhile the UK is still in a state of permanent lockdown because our government has scared the population into believing the constant threat of a second wave which never came or it did but it was nowhere near as bad as it was made out to be, and social distancing is now a permanent thing and no one dares question the government despite the rest of the world being free and open

Its becoming more and more clear that we are all doomed to spend the rest of our lives in a dystopian/authoritarian hellhole where any form of social/physical contact is banned
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Invisible Crane

Great Teacher
That line there makes me wonder what planet you're on. None of the world is free and open but the people of this country have always questioned the government.
I meant the basic freedom to go out and about, to be able to travel abroad or just be able to go out and shop or hang with friends and not worry about social Distancing. Something which will no longer be a thing post lockdown given what the government has planned for us

Also I've noticed that anyone who's questioned the government over the lockdown has been either silenced or shunned or deemed lunatics
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Karamatsu Boy
Also I've noticed that anyone who's questioned the government over the lockdown has been either silenced or shunned or deemed lunatics
How is that any different from what you're doing in criticising those who like the idea of vulnerable people being allowed to stay alive more than they like hanging out in the high street? In fact, you're literally the only person here actively questioning the mental faculties of the people with whom you are trying to debate, without any provocation. For example:

Am I the only sane one here, is no one taking this potential reality seriously?
Have you all gone mad?
Meanwhile, everyone else is having an actual debate. To be clear, I wasn't the one who has been removing your propaganda videos but I agree with the spirit of the removal. History has shown that debating YouTubers who aren't on AUKN is a pointless endeavour; I got through maybe one minute of that last one and it said absolutely nothing. It was just someone being angry about his own misinterpretation of something that nobody ever said (in an assertive, condescending tone).

Debate with your own words (and properly referenced links to published peer-reviewed science), not with unsubstantiated claims made by third parties who don't have to defend any of their comments to the rest of the thread's participants. People posting politically-motivated videos with no opportunity to challenge the actual speaker/creator has never, in the entire history of the Internet, done anything to further productive debate. We can't debate this stuff with some YouTube guy from this thread on AUKN. We can, however, debate it with you, so please consider engaging the other users respectfully, without making baseless accusations and then turning around to accuse everyone else of doing the same thing to you. When they didn't.

Seriously, chill out.



A Tale of Two Committees

It's about the online harms bill there a bit though policeing with bit of think of the children and suggestions of age verification and even having website have people confirm their identity by providing something like home address with a utility bill or some other form of id so can use a social media sites to stop online bullying and other forms of harassment.its a long read and I've only read bits of it.


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The lockdown in this country hasn't been as restricted as the lock down measures in Spain or France (no filling out of paperwork before you head out to the local shop for supplies). Some countries have higher fines if you were caught outside without a valid reason.

It isn't the UK government which has scared people but some parts of the media


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I'm sick of politics and politicians and everything related to covid 19.


Death Scythe
I'm sick of politics and politicians and everything related to covid 19.
I'm pretty much at this point, there is no escaping it. This has been such a wierd year sooner it's over the better. I do hope people will support local businesses when this is all over.


State Alchemist
I've struggled to find the words to address the political situation over the last few days in a way that wouldn't be flagged for terrorism, but I think I've finally hit on the core of what I want to say.

Things have to get worse before they get better. And for that reason I'm glad Donald Trump is President, because he's making things worse, which can ultimately lead to them getting better. If Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden, or Ted Cruz were President now, what would have happened? Some nice, mock heartfelt scripted platitudes and soundbites about "hearing people" and "feeling their pain and frustration" and "healing society" and what would have changed for black people in America? Nothing. Just like it didn't when Obama was President. All Trump is doing is confirming what they've always known; that their government doesn't give a damn about them and just wants them to be obedient slaves and is more than willing to beat it into them. And that makes the government and the authorities an unambiguous, justifiable enemy. Now if only all the poor white people would realise the same is true of the government's attitude to them...


Za Warudo
I was having similar thoughts the other day myself too, that these protests wouldn't be happening to this extent if someone slick and more savvy at more or less propagating the status quo (like Obama/Hillary ect) were in power. Trump's evil is just so unambiguous and he's only capable of pouring oil on an already incendiary situation. I don't know, I feel heartless saying I'm glad Trump is in power, as he'll have killed and ruined many people's lives before the hoped for changes come, especially as I don't have to live through it myself, but yeah I do try to be optimistic and hopeful that his outrageous evil will galvanise people.

I don't know about the poor white people, but I did read an interesting take on it from Norman Frankenstein the other day expressing his view that many young white people view this as an opportunity to express general discontent towards the establishment, as a large proportion of protesters is made up of that demographic.


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As much as I hate trump's guts I refuse to go into a discussion about him-I would be ranting for at least an hour. Just suffice to say that the sooner he's booted out of the whitehouse's front door the happier that I'll be.
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