French editions to be published


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Confirmed by @Relaxo 👍 that RahXephon isn't released yet and still on TBA, and like on more occasions this Dybex release might actually get delayed at some time;)


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Well, there's not even a release date yet. You can expect it to be released in the next months however. AFAIK the distributor is busy handling the Japan Tours Fest. at the moment (as they play an important role in it, esp. with Japanese guests). Expect it for April-May or Japan Expo.


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I can't say I am too fond of the box art (a bit too gloomy), but the digipack isn't two face, but three face and has the full JP Boxart after all, so yay~
(And it's probably also in the artbook, considering the other one was in there. Browsing through the artbook was a bit too fast to see it all.)

Denno Coil seems to hit soonish, too.
Now very curious on how From the New World will look like~~


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Note: the German Nipponart BD uses the same discs (9/4/9/4), but with simpler packaging without extra DVDs nor booklets / artbooks, but thus a way lower price.
Both releases aren't english-friendly.