French editions to be published


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Not really, around 70 millions peoples speak French in Europe (France ~ 65 million + Less than half of Belgium ~ 4 million + less than 1 million in Luxembourg)
All of them combined is still less than just Germany, and you have to add Austria, etc.

You can add Switzerland, but they speak, French/German/italian and I don't know the % of each.

In term of use : 1st : German 2nd : English, 3rth : Italian, then French.


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Whilest the French market is small, it still seems bigger than Italy and Spain combined.
Both only get a selection of high profile titles and a bunch of random stuff. Even if titles get licensed, not all are getting discs (e.g. Overlord was released streaming-only in Italy)

see: Anime in Deutschland – 10 Jahre nach dem Crash
Second image shows the amount (hours) of dubbed anime on home video per country in 2018, excluding re-releases, dubs produced by/for TV-stations and Netflix originals. US, UK and France also got an amount of sub-only DVD/BD not included in this list.
(First image shows the same for Germany 2007 - 2018)

Known sales numbers in Germany:
- Tokyo Ghoul Vol.1 passed the mark of 10.000 units within 1 year
- an average Detective Conan movie is around 20.000 units
- Free Vol.1 is somewhere around the mark of 5.000 units
- Fate UBW TV is somewhere around the mark of 5.000 units
- Goblin Slayer got a print run of 6.000+ units
- Fate HF1 CE got a print run of 2.000 units (54€, sold out in 6 weeks, SE released simultaneous)
- Katsugeki Touken Ranbu got a print run of 2.000 units
- Star Blazers Movies got a print run of 1.500 units
- the first print run of the Elfen Lied Blu-ray (2.000 units, 104€) was sold out on Amazon within 2 days (limited stock on other retailers)
(all numbers: DVD + Blu-ray combined)
No Game No Life Zero had 30.000 visitors in Cinema (2 days only), MKFZ is rumored(!) to reach less than 1.000 (2 days)

@Luna: In Germany you'll get charged around 7-11€ per episode (70-120 GBP per cour) for new releases.
I guess the problem with sub-only releases in Germany is, that they would have to compete with lower priced UK-releases.


France + Belgium + French part of Switzerland? (I'm not counting Monaco and Luxembourg :p)
Meh, I don't think all these countries together gets as many weeabs as Germany.


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Highschool DxD Born and Hero revealed:
(includes uncensored NFSW pics)

As far as I know, every release by Kana until now was dubbed in French - these will be sub-only, DVD-only and missing Season 1+2? Why?


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High School DxD is a good seller in the US and seems to sell at least above average in Germany. Is the French taste that different?
I mean Kana even released dubs of Endride and Concrete Revolutio.


I'll make a terrible comparison but if you look at the french manga market, ecchi doesn't seem huge in France (for once they're good at something). It does sell to some extents but like… DxD was an okay seller for Panini Manga, nothing more.