French editions to be published


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Hello !
Today I will wrote in this thread, all upcoming french edition, and unboxings so you can compare with the English editions.
(I apologize for my english, i use google translation)

We have various editors of japanimation :

- Kazé
- Kana and and his parent company CITEL VIDEO
- All the Anime (Anime Limited in The UK)
- Black Box
- Dybex
- Universal

- Eurozoom

and more but either not active or gone

September :

- 05/09/2018 Integral Red eyes sword Integral VOSTFR release Blu-ray (50 euros) and DVD (45 euros)
bonus :
• The small theater of Akame 12 mini-episodes • Meeting with the authors of the manga • Booklet 192 pages • 10 exclusive posters
red eyes sword.jpg

- 05/09/2018 Integral Bodacious space pirate VOSTFR relase Blu-ray (68 euros) and DVD (55 euros) rigid plastic box with porthole
bonus :
Booklet 192 pages

- 19/09/2018 Bleach Integral VF & VOSTFR DVD Box 1/2 (119 euros)
5 Artworks

bleach 1.jpg
- 19/09/2018 Bleach Integral VF & VOSTFR DVD Box 2/2 (119euros)
5 Artworks
bleach 2.jpg

- 12/09/2018 Kiznaiver (the price is between 65 and 50 euros for the blu-ray version / 50 and 45 euros for the DVD version) - the same edition that the UK release

- 26/09/2018 Sound Euphonium ! (exclusively on the alltheanime's shop)


- 19/09/2018 Integral Tales of zestiria the X VF & VOSTFR Bluray (40 euros) and DVD (35 euros)
Booklet 64 pages + special episode of 44 minutes
tales of.jpg
- 26/09/2018 One piece Vol 2 Whole Cake Island VF & VOSTFR (30 euros) Only on DVD
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I think you can disregard Citel Vidéo and Universal. The first is a subcontractor for Kana Home Video and the later left the animation market (their last release will be Drifters and that will be shared with Germany, U.K.).
But you could add IDP, which frequently release hentai OVAs (with english subtitles!).


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Thank you for your help, Indeed Kana is a branch of CITEL but CITEL also publishes japanim for children (Beyblade Burst).
Thanks for the clarification regarding Universal. Moreover I did not mention IDP, precisely because it only publishes hentai today. But formerly they were very very active with titles as Haykyuu, Ulysse3, Bioman, Sakura CardCaptor (DVD, Captain Tsubasa (1983) ....