Favourite opening/ending sequences


“In the Night” the OP for the 90s series Key the Metal Idol. It’s the English version since the Japanese vocals in the original are a bit lacking imo.
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See I skipped that one because the synopsis makes it sound like a hentai but I liked that OP - is it worth giving it a go?
Yeah! It treats the subject fairly seriously, steps up to the trashy line a few times, but doesn't cross it too far (for me). There's also a few moments of comedy as well.
The video above is obviously the full version. The actual OP has some good visual moments as well:

I think a lot of peoples favourite is Dororo:

I'm a sucker for the animation and the songs to be in sync so Quintessential Quintuplets were they sing a part of it at the beginning and WATATEN where characters clap along and at one point do a dance number (also the credits are nicely integrated, such as being sown on to some fabric and painted on the road like road signs).
I also like both the OP and ED for Boogiepop.
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Domestic Girlfriend is pretty much like @D1tchd1gger described. Sometimes I get the impression that this series has difficulties on deciding what it wants to be. It's certainly isn't top stuff but not bad either, see there seems I suffer from the same indecision as the series itself :)

And I should have mentioned that the YouTube link I posted was the complete version and not the OP, my bad.


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I was reminded of this today...
The show was utterly unmemorable. But dang if the OP isn't one of my favourites of all time.


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Patlabor has a lot of good songs, the Complete Vocal Collection is worth having. The second TV ending, Paradise no Kakuritsu is probably my favourite. Did I already post that? Yes I did. Good. Here it is again just for good measure.