Favourite opening/ending sequences


Thought this might be fun.

What are you favourite anime opening and ending sequences?

Here's a couple to start off:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (opening)
The only opening sequence I know all the words to! (It helps that some of it's in English. :p)

Sound of the Sky (ending)
Very cute and insanely catchy! (Pardon the Spanish subs in the video.)

EDIT: Putting videos in spoiler tabs would help the pages load quicker. Much obliged! ;)
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ooh I like this topic itts hard to choose one each but here are two that stood out for me

(the most underrated Nisemonogatari track)


Asterisk has an amazing soundtrack but this was my favorite.
Notable mentions for Granblue Fantasy soundtrack, Re.Creators and the Log Horizon ED's and the
A few of my favourites. ;)

The Tatami Galaxy OP

Bakemonogatari ED

Ping Pong The Animation ED

Shokugeki no Souma ED

Tokyo Ghoul √A ED
Some personal faves of mine.

Mob Psycho OP

Gintama OP 17

Your Name OP (Not out in HD yet so this will do for now)


Berserk Movie 3 ED
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This is an incredibly difficult one. I can't narrow it down to one of each, but I'll put a few here.

Bakemonogatari ED (first series):

Monogatari Second Season OP 4 (I think it's OP 4, there's so bloody many of them). I love the combination of modern and 90s style animation in this one. One of the cleverest openings I've seen.

Steins;Gate OP, and the Steins;Gate ED. I love them both in equal measure:

Tsukihime OP. I am not a massive fan of this anime (I adore the visual novel), but it had an absolutely superb soundtrack.

One Punch Man OP, just because I think it captures the theme and tone of the show perfectly:

Humanity Has Declined ED, because it's positively haunting.

I won't link anymore since there's far too many, but I'll list a few more: Phantom Requiem For the Phantom OP, Cowboy Bebop OP (obviously), Kyoukai no Kanata ED, Elfen Lied OP, Sora no Woto OP, Death Parade OP etc. There's so many more that I would end up writing an essay if I tried to put them all down.
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This thread needs some rules and spoiler tags, lest I totally wreck my browser filling the page with videos!

So here's 2 of each (subject to change).


Diebuster (oh oh oh oh oh)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (specifically the OVA one for just being utterly ridiculous. Apple picking beam!)


Diebuster (hey look it's Diebuster again)

Kare Kano (probably the one with the cat (tragically that one isn't on youtube), but the song still stands)

Special mentions for Patlabor, Gunbuster (if they'd used "Fly High" as the op, it'd be on the list proper), Nichijou and Azumanga Daioh. Though I'm pretty sure all of these will end up in this thread eventually.
As for EDs:

I'd also list K-On Season 2 OP2, Psycho Pass OP2 and Saitokai Yakundomo ED1, but alas those aren't on YouTube. Some of the versions I found are also not great, so if any of them look bad, search the OP up on openings.moe instead.
This isn't how much I like the song, and leaves out things that have already been posted. I'm sure there are things I missed as well.

Find me another OP where the music and images/animation match that perfectly, without sacrificing anything to do so and still being a perfectly fitting OP for the series. I challenge you.


Best mood-setter. Ever.


All-round brilliance.


This one needs a mention.


and to put an ED in, the essence of the perfect ending, from a series that is as near to perfection as any...

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