Favourite opening/ending sequences


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Best OP ever, Stray:

Other good one's off the top of my head:

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Some really good OP this season:
Including this one :):

And I'll throw in another longtime favourite of mine. This has a real mood to it, much like the show itself:
(Funnily enough, both shows above have the same character designer, as @D1tchd1gger already pointed out in Viewing Journal, I think.)

Dragonar - Yume-iro Chaser
The animation in that Dragonar OP is outstanding.
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Also did Your Name.
I didn't even realise that. Now you've pointed it out, I should've guessed it from Tessy's design. But yeah, like you say, Taki really does have a different look to him.

I've been a big fan of Tanaka's character designs for a while now; I like the 'rounded' tips on the end of his characters' hair; it's uniquely him. His designs for each character in a single show are also very diverse — a far cry from something like Fireworks, where all the characters have basically the same face but with different hairstyles.

Looking again at Tanaka's CV, I keep forgetting he also did the designs for High School of the Dead. Not that I've seen that or anything. 😜


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Dragon Ball GT OP
Takes me back to 2003, CNX, good times. I don't care what people say, GT will always have a place in my heart.

Speaking of which...

Dragon Ball ED 1
This song is gorgeous and the visuals make me emotional, the series has been such a big part of my life.

Dragon Ball Z ED 1
This is just plain adorable, the song is so damn good.


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The OP for Kill me Baby! is irritating af but the ED is pretty catchy.

This was the ED for the first cour of Hozuki's Coolheadedness 2nd Season (couldn't find the actual animated ED) It's really quite good, and is performed by Sumire Uesaka who did the Pop Team Epic OP


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The OP for Kill me Baby! is irritating af but the ED is pretty catchy.
I really liked the opening to Kill Me Baby, its more the visual aspect of it than the music though. Its one of those series that isn't profoundly thought invoking, but just puts a smile on my face :)



The new OP and ED for DARLING in the FRANXX, of course! :D



Yuru Camp OP! Addictive song, imaginative ideas and a showcase of the fantastic character designs. It's got it all. :D