Doctor Who Discussion

The frustrating nitpick with the steelbooks and Blu Rays is that the release won’t line up with the rest of my classic series DVDs so I’m tempted to just buy the DVD and wait for the eventual Season 4 Blu Ray to get it in HD.
I doubt they will release season 1-6 on BD not in one season sets at least as each is like a year long. 40 eps. And obviously all the lost episodes
Seasons two and six only have one missing serial so they’re doable with recons/animation. The sets would be bigger and maybe with a higher price but I can see them happening, but not until almost all the colour seasons are out. Most of Pertwee era will likely be left until last as well due to the various picture and restoration issues.
I mean i am still surprised Davidson was chose second as I never assumed he was that popular bar caves of androzani. I assume its because they could get the 16mm of outdoor scenes.
Very likely though Earthshock is also renowned and even got a screening around a month ago. Season 18 coming next is interesting, perhaps they also have some 16mm for those serials also.
I’ll be honest I haven’t gotten around to watching any of it yet. I plan to watch it once I’m writing the contextual part of my Dissertation since it’s Doctor Who related.

I’ve just finished watching through the Season 19 Blu Ray set and it was fun revisiting Davison’s first series.
I’ve watched all the new behind the scenes features and Behind the Sofa material. The Peter Davison interview on the bonus disc was nice. All the other extras were on the DVD’s and I’ve already watched those.
I wont have a complete collection and one of the best seasons will be missing. Im confused why no SE or quick reprint. It seems stupid for it to be OOP when there's more of this collection coming. If someone saw S19 in a shopped wanted 12 they are screwed.
Plenty of fans on other forums I.e Gallifrey Base have expressed similar sentiments. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate but it is frustrating to see that the BBC have no plans to make it available again. Maybe towards the end of the line they’ll start doing SEs. Whatever the case we won’t know until it’s close to release since the BBC just sort of announce these sets randomly.

Amazon listings tend to give them away though. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the rumoured Season 10 set around February just before 18 is released.