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Shrine Maiden
Should be here tomorrow. Can only hope it arrives without a dent, as recent packages From Zoom seem to have come with the outer box dented in some way.
I can see what they were trying a lot more, it was to move away from Douglas’ Adams season and Williams era for better or worse. JNT just gets stick for Colin baker’s era which isn’t even that bad either only s24 is actively bad and the audios have showed it’s not even Bonnie Langford’s fault she is amazing in the audio as she is actually clever like her character should have been all along.
I like most of the Baker era outside of Dilemma and the dull Mysterious Planet. It has some very strong stories like Attack of the Cybermen, Varos, The Two Doctors and Revelation of the Daleks.

Season 24 was, according to a documentary on the Rani DVD, the result of JNT being told that upon firing Colin Baker that he would be let go from the show to do his pantomimes.

With about 1/3 of the usual production time left the BBC told him he would be staying and the result was a season that is very rough around the edges but has some great moments here and there (Delta and the Bannermen is a nice gem for example.)

In essence, 25 and 26 worked well because they had Andrew Cartmel in top form, carefully crafting a darker incarnation of the Doctor as a master manipulator and allowing McCoy to truly take on the role.
Delta and the bannerman iirates me as you get to know the people on the bus then oh no it’s blown up. And the alien baby makeup wasn’t great. And it’s very camp, dragonfire is very disappointing especially how amazing ace’s story becomes later Fenric kinda redeems it in hindsight.
Yeah S24 was rushed you can see, s25 and 26 were planned and that also shows and dark McCoy is amazing for a comic actor can’t believe how good he is being dark I just love the seventh doctors speech’s
Bannermen is, admittedly, a guilty pleasure, as is Paradise Towers. Dragonfire is more on the dull side than anything else imo.

My personal favourites of the McCoy era are Remembrance of the Daleks (my overall favourite Who story) and Greatest show in the Galaxy. He’s my favourite Doctor because of that dark streak that I feel they’ve tried replicating with subsequent incarnations but have failed to do so.
My personal favourites of the McCoy era are Remembrance of the Daleks
Is that one with Ace beating up Daleks with a baseball bat? I remember that one the most from when they first aired, that and a monster that looked like Berty Bassett in another McCoy series.

I must say it's weird reading 2 people who weren't even born when these came out originally talk about them in great detail. I don't think I've ever gone back to watch any of the old Who, not the ones from before I was born, the ones that I watched as a kid or even the ones I enjoyed from the New Who!
I grew up watching the classic series on DVD, more so than the reboot series’ actually. I’ve slowly accumulated every available story on DVD and am starting all over again with these Blu Ray sets!

@D1tchd1gger You are indeed correct. In Remembrance Ace takes on a Dalek with a baseball bat that has been given power by a Timelord weapon of mass destruction. The result is a very damaged Dalek.

The Bertie Bassett monster you refer to comes from the Season 25 episode “The Happiness Patrol”, another good story from that era.