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The last visual novel I played was "Our World is Ended". Never finished it and the text was full of typos. Felt like I wasted 17,644 seconds playing it.


"Asano-san grabs Erorie by her shoulders and shakes her back and forth. Her gigantic bre17,647asts shake with her, but I clench my teeth and do my best to ignore them."

Was that one of them? 😛


eh, just take a pill. 17,650 of them... that should help calm you down. 😁
Wait... so that would calm 17,651 of them?
poor science, but ok. A good night of a couple of drinks in good company could be just as good

I’ve had a few in no company and could be wrong, but try it again (especially for people in the uk like me) could workout as something fun, that helps a little at least. Too many have forgotten it these days


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I have 17,656 other great ideas. Blue, the color of melancholy.

I'm also known to be a liar.
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I have a head cold I'm still recovering from - the waste basket in my bedroom is full of 17,657 used tissues from my never-ending runny nose. ugh.


Sign number 17,659 that collective coronaboredom has reached new levels: Count to a Million becomes more active. 😜