Count to a Million

My girlfriend's on the rampage in this section of the forum. Brace thyselves. 😛

"I'm preparing myself to catalogue all of @RadFemHedonist's 17,707 Smiggle felt tipped pens by shade"

... is what she wrote right here when I handed her my phone to type something. (Why did I hand her my phone? 😅)
I actually don't buy Smiggle stationery as the prices are excessive and the colour range and pen/pencil functions are limited, I just absolutely love their backpacks! But I do own a heck of a lot of art supplies from various other fine manufacturers of such... maybe even 17,708! (but probably not quite that many XP).
I'm just glad that we've moved past the old days of this thread when people didn't even attempt to tie the number in to their comment and instead just tacked it on at the end.


Maybe we could even find 17,717 ways of positioning the numbers within our irreverently witty forum messages! :) 👍

(also the math geek in me greatly enjoys the number 17,717) :)
I really need to stop buying more Japanese anime posters - I just stated in the photo thread that I have to take a break to pay off other household bills, but I just broke and purchased 5 more from an eBay seller. Before I know it I'll have 17,721 posters in my collection! 😱