Big Blu Ray clear out


Za Warudo
All my Anime Limited/All The Anime titles,

Gundam (Original Series) - Reserved
Perfect Blue - Reserved
Baccano - Reserved
Durarara X2 - Reserved
Tokyo Ghoul Root A - Reserved
Noein - Reserved
Mai Mai Miracle - Reserved

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Za Warudo

Cowboy Bebop Parts 1 and 2: £30
Durarara (with corrected discs): £20

For Sale:

£5 P&P

Full Metal Panic: £60
Giovannis Island: £20
Gurren Lagann: £50
Patema Inverted: £40
Terror in Resonance: £37
Kill La Kill Complete: £60
Sward Art Online II Complete: £60

£2 P&P

Aldnoah Zero: £15
Blood Lad: £15
Fate Kalied: £15
Fuse: £15
Gankutsuou: £15
Gundam Rec in G: £30
HAL: £10
A Letter to Momo: £15
Ping Pong: £15
Psychic School Wars: £10
Psycho Pass Season 2: £25
Psycho Pass The Movie: £15
Rage of Bahamut: £25
RE:Cyborg 009: £12
Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise: £15
Samurai Flamenco Part 1 £8
Space Dandy Seasons 1 and 2 Collectors Editions: £40 (2 items so £3 P&P)
Tiger and Bunny Movies double pack: £13 (2 items so £3 P&P)
Tokyo ESP: £18
Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 : £40
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What condition is Sword Art Online II in? Any scratches or scuffs to the box?
I'll buy them from you immediately if they are in like new condition.


Za Warudo
Everything must go people! OPEN TO ALL OFFERS

Prefer shipment to UK, so please don't be offended if I don't want to ship to mainland Europe!