Big Blu Ray clear out


Za Warudo
I'm planning on trimming down my collection considerably over the coming months, heres the first batch.

Unfortunately I don't do prices as I'm never good at setting them so just pm me and we'll talk:

£2 shipping on all items, discounts for multiples

Gargantia limited edition *SOLD*
Shirobako parts 1&2 *SOLD*
Glasslip *SOLD*
Yusibu - i couldn't become a hero... *SOLD*
Everyday Tales of a Cat God Limited Edition *SOLD*
Sword Art Online Ex limited edition *SOLD*
Another *SOLD*
The Future Diary *SOLD*
When They Cry *SOLD*
Kokoro connect TV and OVAS *SOLD*
Hanasaku Iroha parts 1&2 limited editions £45 for the pair *SOLD*
Gingitsune: *SOLD*
K limited edition: *SOLD*
Blue Submarine No 6: *SOLD*
Tari Tari: £25 *reserved*
Assassination Classroom Parts 1 & 2 (with box and notebook): £40 + 4P&P
Daily lives of high school boys Limited edition £40 *reserved*
Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl... Limited edition £40 *reserved*
Tsubasa seasons 1&2 SAVE editions: £20
Level E w/artbox: £15
A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1: £12
A Certain Magical Index Season 1: £12
Kinos Journey Volumes 1-4 w/ box: £15
Michiko & Hatchin (SAVE): £10
Nurau: Rise of the Yokai Clan Volume 1: £5
Mobile Suit Gundam Parts 1 & 2 with artbox and artbook: £40 +£3P&P
Durarara Season 1 (LE with corrected discs) £20
Cowboy Bebop Parts 1 and 2: £30

USA Blu-rays
Brave 10 Limited Edition: £20
Fuse Limited Edition: £20

Arcana Famiglia: £10
Casshern Sins (SAVE) £10
Heroic Age (SAVE): £10
Night Raid 1931: £10
Nyankoi: £10

Pet Girl of Sakurasou: £10
Saiyuki Complete Collection (Section 23 2015 release) £10

UK Blu-Rays

From The New World Parts 1 and 2 £18
Haikyu Parts 1 and 2: £18
HEroic Legend of Arslan CE Part 1 and 2 £32 (+£3P&P)
Seraph of The End Part 1 LE £18

All my Anime Limited/All The Anime titles,

For Sale:

£5 P&P

Full Metal Panic: £60
Giovannis Island: £20
Gurren Lagann: £50
Patema Inverted: £40
Terror in Resonance: £37
Kill La Kill Complete: £60
Sward Art Online II Complete: £60

£2 P&P

Aldnoah Zero: £15
Blood Lad: £15
Fate Kalied: £15
Fuse: £15
Gankutsuou: £15
Gundam Rec in G: £30
HAL: £10
A Letter to Momo: £15
Ping Pong: £15
Psychic School Wars: £10
Psycho Pass Season 2: £25
Psycho Pass The Movie: £15
Rage of Bahamut: £25
RE:Cyborg 009: £12
Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise: £15
Samurai Flamenco Part 1 £8
Space Dandy Seasons 1 and 2 Collectors Editions: £40
Tiger and Bunny Movies double pack: £13
Tokyo ESP: £18
Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 : £40

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Is when they cry blu-ray?

How much are u also looking for Shirobako

If these are both the right price. I'll be taking them :3

Edit - just noticed you want to do this through pm. I'll be pming you now then


Za Warudo
Updated reservations and some prices.

Fans of nice Japanese blu-rays, anyone got any interest in Blue Exorcist: The Movie Limited Edition? No English subs, but an all round lovely set. £30?