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I need help with my video... I need a bunch of clips for my FMA AREA

Just random.clips..

Anything really as along as I get both openings to both shows..first openings


Straw Hat Pirate
If I'm ever trying to string together a presentation of some sort, I tend to note down the key points in a bullet point style format. Then work them into a paragraph or so each, edit said individual paragraphs until they're how I want them, then try and link them together so it flows better.

I realize you may not do things this way, but maybe it's worth a shot if you've not tried it yet?

If you've having trouble with the speaking part you could try overlaying key points of text onto the video?


I'm getting better at speaking I'm working on my video but it will talks too the end oaf the year but in the mean time I want to make a short video about a subject