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Me, having bought all the sets as they originally released:


I was initially tempted by the bundle, but as I haven't went for the Gundam CEs in the past (at the time the original series came out, I wasn't sure if the Gundam series was for me), I'll be sticking with the standard editions, and as of this writing I've yet to get a single Gundam title on my shelf (I've checked out Gundam 0079 as a try-before-you-buy, and I haven't gotten around to purchasing the BDs yet). I should change that one day.

On another note, Wings of Honneamise CE, Genius Party & Genius Party Beyond CE ( Exclusive), Angelic Layer CE, Maquia CE, Testament of Sister New Devil CE, Testament of Sister New Devil BURST CE and Gundam The Origin V - VI CE have all been added to the Titles Nearly Out-of-Print section. In fact, Testament of Sister New Devil BURST CE is already out of print as of this writing.