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Thousand Master
It needs to be in this thread so I can thump my desk and ask why it doesn't involve AL yet.

Like Gunpla cup ramen. Haven't seen that on Tesco shelves yet. Pretty sloppy, AL!


Well they did it make the summer of gundam and Give us three Gundams...... One half the show well a third and not announce the full release plans for that gundam. This is there own fault tbh.
The ones they announced last year is still TBC


Not to complain about Gundam. As we know FR Penguin Highway release is December will ours be December?
Also Wunderland in November?
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How about some films in the cinema (nationwide, not just in a couple of select cinemas in Scotland). Not had one from AL since Mirai last November! I assume they'll nab the new Shinkai one at some point?

Not just AL though, I think there's been one all year this year, but there's been a fair few films that I've been interested in that seemingly no-one's touched.


Well not as Manga is now US centric cos of there ownership and funi isn’t the US rights holder. And if it’s out of AL then it’s out of MVM. So it would be alitude or Studiocanal or someone if anyone and Mary and witch flower was a cock up of epic proportions