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Thousand Master
Gundam delays.
Bebop delays.
Maquia delays.
All titles I'm keen for.

"We're not saying Grant caused all these things...but it does make you think."


State Alchemist
Sunrise better put NT up on YouTube in full after the NA theatrical screenings are done, that 23 minute preview was an almost criminal act of blue-balling and there's no way I'm waiting a half decade or more for it to be released in the UK.


Pokémon Master
Still no email regarding the situation for people who bought both mystery boxes in a single order.

No sign of my second box yet. If it had been shipped by last Thursday via TNT it would have arrived by now.


Update email received:
Good evening.

I hope all is well.

You're receiving this email as you placed an order during our 12 Days of Christmas 2018 sales. This update is a general update relating to all outstanding orders including Mystery Boxes, so be sure to read this in full (fully appreciating this is a long email) for an update that may apply to your order.

If you have since received your order(s) or have cancelled your order, please disregard the following message.

Today we're going to be providing as many updates as we can based on the information we have today (Friday 11th January) from the distribution centre.

Where do things currently stand?
Over the last week we've been having discussions with the distribution centre about a number of topics and trying to get a quick resolution arranged for all of them. There have however been some curveballs we were not expecting that has meant a delay in being able to get a specific time frame on certain things being sorted.

But before we get to those, here's what's happened over the past week -

Partridge Picks Bundle
Everyone who ordered this bundle will have already received an email with an update about this yesterday (10th January), but the short version is that the missing items are being dispatched over the coming week, and in that same email were details on returning the incorrect item that was included.

Escaflowne (TV Series+Movie) set
We're now happy to confirm that our fulfilment house received all the stock of this product this week and all of the orders for these have been shipped today, Friday 11th January. (Shipping notifications for these have orders have been sent.)

Snow White with the Red Hair: Seasons 1 & 2 set
All of the stock of this also arrived at our fulfilment house this week and all orders of this have been shipped today, Friday 11th January, as well. (Shipping notifications for these have also been sent.)

Assassination Classroom: Seasons 1 & 2 set
The stock of this has arrived at our fulfilment house, however it only arrived earlier today. we can confirm that some orders were able to be dispatched today (Friday 11th January) however the remaining orders are going to be sent next week.
(Shipping notifications for the orders that were dispatched today have been sent, and as the other orders are dispatched next week, shipping notifications will be sent for those as well.)

What's the status on things that are outstanding?
Here's the latest information based on the information available to us and discussions we've had with the distribution centre -

Missing Mystery Boxes
Since the 4th January update over the past week we've been hard at work using documentation available to us from the distribution centre combined with our own internal order records to figure out what has happened here. This has admittedly take a lot of time to get to the bottom of as there are many variables that had to be considered and investigated, but we are now confident we know what occurred that led to some people who ordered both Mystery Boxes in one transaction to have only received one.

Now that we know that we know what happened and know how it can be resolved, we are pressing the distribution centre on a regular basis for an exact timeline on when they can resolve this. We're hopeful this will be over the coming week, but until we've heard back from them we can't say for sure. But obviously as soon as we know we'll be in touch with everyone impacted to update on this.

Cowboy Bebop standard Blu-ray
We can confirm the reprint of stock has been completed and is expected to be delivered to the distribution centre early next week and will shipped as soon as possible on arrival.

Missing Item from Mystery Box #2: Team Marketing Version
This is still going to be happening as soon as possible, but admittedly we haven't been given a concrete date for when these will be sent from the distribution centre yet. But we're hopeful it will be next week. But please know we are pressing them for a timeline on when this will be resolved as a matter of urgency as well. (We'll be in touch accordingly to update one we have a firm date confirmed to us.)

Anything else to note?
Just to touch on a few things that we also mentioned in our last email -

Damaged / Missing / Duplicate / Incorrect Items
If you've already contacted us about this, then you need not worry. We'll be in touch as soon as we can with an update once we've head back from the distribution centre on how they need these to be handled. Again, we're pressing them as much as possible for a resolution on this and as soon as we've heard from them we'll be in touch with everyone who has reached out.

If you haven't yet reported a damaged/missing/duplicate (or perhaps there's something else entirely that's occurred with an) item you ordered, please respond to this email and we can get it logged for you.

Has your parcel been delivered, but received by someone else?
Over the past week we've been speaking to a number of customers who discovered that someone else living with them or perhaps a neighbour had actually taken delivery of an order but hadn't informed them of this. It might be worth checking as this has been a recurring theme over the past week.

Can I still cancel my order?
Yes. This still hasn't changed at all.

If you're still waiting on a Mystery Box but at this stage want to wait no longer, we completely understand. Please respond to this with your order number and we can get things sorted.

If you're wanting to return an item for a refund, our regular returns policy is now in effect and this will involve you needing to return the item(s) to us - but don't worry, we can help cover shipping cost once we've received the parcel - in the condition they arrived and upon receipt we can cancel the transaction and refund the amount for you.

If you wish to cancel your order(s), please respond to this email with your order number(s) and we can go through the return process with you in more detail.

Something's occurred with an order that isn't mentioned above?
If that's the case, please respond to this email with your order number referenced and we'll help as best we can!

A final word; we're getting there
If you're someone who is still being impacted by any of the above we once again offer our deepest and sincere apologies for any inconvenience you've been met with.

There's been a lot of ground to cover over the past week at our HQ but as I'm sure you can see from this update a lot has been achieved. We know it doesn't change the fact some of you still don't have what you ordered yet, but we are making progress. We're hopeful that next week we'll be able to provide updates with timelines for these outstanding issues will be resolved at the very least.

We know a lot of you have been patient already, but we please ask for some more time. We're trying to get this resolved as quickly as possible and we will be in touch once there is an update to bring.

With the above being said, I hope you have a nice weekend and as I've said we'll be in touch with updates as we can bring them.

Kind regards,

Jeremy Graves
Marketing Executive, All The Anime / Anime Ltd.

Jon O Fun

Straw Hat Pirate
Got the same email. As someone who ordered both mystery boxes and tomorrow being exactly one month after ordering, 'might ship next week, can't say for sure' this is easily my worst experience shopping with AL.
And mystery box two has been arriving with one missing? I'm hoping that's fixed for when/if my box every arrives but I won't hold my breath...


Pokémon Master
Yet AL or whoever still tried to BBFC that and won't for Fate wonder why
The ages of the characters involved is lower than Valkyrie Drive, which was submitted on behalf of Funimation. There is a zero percent chance of further seasons fo fate/kalied passing through the BBFC, especially considering the highly sexualized fan service of 9 year old girls.


Yet Australia which rated Valkyrie Drive an 18 gave S2 and S3 15s. Its one scene apparently VD was full of it and more explicit. S4 also is the best season but CR nicked it and we wont get the film either so even though it got good CR/Kadokawa has killed it