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@anime_andrew, @Jeremy Graves:

Sorry to ask this again (sorry to have to ask this again), but it's now over a year since I started trying to find out what happened to the Patema Inverted numbered art cards for Kickstarter backers of the Ultimate Edition from 2014.

The last time this subject came up, it turned out that @sniper_samurai didn't get his either, and I learnt recently that neither did @Morbo, so it isn't a one-off.

I doubt any of us realistically expect to actually get our numbered cards by now, but it would be nice to a least get to know why not.



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@Neil.T - First off, huge apologies to yourself and anyone else who hasn't yet received their numbered art cards for Patema Inverted - clearly you should have received them by now, and although getting these numbered cards is time-consuming on our side of things there's no excuse for you to still be waiting for them! Once again, we're truly sorry for that.

I've now tasked myself with getting this resolved for you, so can I ask that you (and anyone else reading this who still hasn't received their cards for this particular campaign) drop us a message via Kickstarter's own messaging system? That way I can tie it into your original pledge and details easily, and I can then handle getting these cards out to you as soon as possible.

Hopefully this helps, and if you have any further issues then please don't hesitate to drop me a line on here if need be.

Thanks for your not inconsiderable amount of patience while we get these rewards sorted for anyone who missed out!

Andy Hanley

EDIT: Tagging in @sniper_samurai and @Morbo for good measure!
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Oh, so @Hanners is going to investigate the Patema Inverted mysteries?

Let me first quote a reply I got from Andrew on this very forum in 2014:
Drop Kerry an email re the backer point at kerry AT and she'll look into that as Paypal backers should be in there too. Re the rip on the O-CARD too, this has been too common a report for me to think it's an accident in postage so we're pursuing it right now as while it's meant to cover the box just for text etc, it's not cool to arrive damaged for folks.

I had brought up at the time my name is missing from the backer list of the book in the Ultimate.
I was a PayPal backer of the KickStarter, and Andrew confirmed I should have been in there.
But for some reason I'm nowhere to be found, unless I'm really reading over my name that badly.
Andrew at the time asked me to mail in about it, but I never got a response of any sort to that mail.
So maybe now is as good a time as any to ask about it again and hope I get some closure to this?

I'll also say I also never got a numbered card, but I don't know if PayPal backers were supposed to get them.
I'll bring up immediately though, I'm a Belgian backer of the KickStarter. Sorry to be a nuisance.

I'll also presume that investigation into the ripped O-cards went nowhere.

Regardless I'm very proud to own the Ultimate and have backed the KickStarter. Great set.


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I'll also say I also never got a numbered card, but I don't know if PayPal backers were supposed to get them. I'll bring up immediately though, I'm a Belgian backer of the KickStarter. Sorry to be a nuisance.

Specifically, I'm only really dealing with the missing art card mystery - drop me a message with your shipping details and I'll get you added to the list of those missing a numbered art card.

Unfortunately, as far as your name not appearing in the Ultimate Edition book goes, I suspect this was just an accidental omission at the time when everything was compiled, so I can only apologise profusely for that. As for the O-card issues, I don't believe we ever reached any definitive resolution as to what happened but sadly there's not anything we can do with regard to replacing those damaged O-cards either.

Again, apologies for those issues, but I can at least get your art card sorted!


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Worried about lack of OST and I thought the CE was separate from the steelbook
Don't be worried on it, we're just using the same disc label as Wrasse Records did so didn't have it in hand, we'll update with a placeholder of the OST to put people's minds at ease :).

To be clear, the OST is definitely in there.




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Zavvi's listing for the Steelbook Collector's Edition also mentions the soundtrack CD:
  • Film on Blu-Ray and DVD
  • Collectors Packaging
  • Soundtrack CD
EDIT: lol ninja'd by Andrew himself :p. Appreciate you getting on this so fast.


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Still hoping for a set similar to what Funi are putting out, hopefully we'll get some news soon since the re-release in cinemas is from today.


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Can't say I'm a fan of this tbh, got it locked in at £19.99 but based on this I may just cancel it. Are we actually getting a normal Anime Limited CE of Your Name or is this it? Probably just buy it from elsewhere if this is the nicest edition they do.
Firstly - love the steelbook proof we had in here - it uses a lovely gloss and the white layers are just perfect on it so I think folks won't be upset when they see the final piece.

Secondly - there's not much official keyart to work from and having seen the other keyart used on the Amazon JP Steelbook I can safely say this was the better choice now.

Re AL LE - Yes, we're doing one, just hasn't been listed yet as it'll come a little after November 6th (still before Christmas in the UK). There'll be more details forthcoming when it exits approval as I don't want to waste people's times on hypotheticals until it's signed off :). There's a lot more pages in the book than the US one (just over double) as we translated the interviews etc too.

Will be cheaper than the Funimation one on SRP, likely to be lower on actual sales price at retail too by the by.