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With the pre-order of Hello World going up today, the artwork reminded me of another movie, The Relative Worlds.
So true about the similarities on artworks and visuals to the extent that I was actually thinking of the plot of Relative Worlds and getting confused when trying to remember that for Hello World! I remember @Neil.T actually mentioning the similarities way back as well.


Footage going around of how yesterday at MCM a random guy was able to jump on stage during a panel and sit with the guests.

Maybe it's for the best there wasn't an Anime Guest of Honour.
I thought each panel had security? I bet whoever was on duty for that one got in trouble


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I have a question. Since you guys weren't at comic con are you going to have another cloud matsuri at some point in the near future?

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No plans for it just now so not sure what happened there! Scotland Loves Anime may borrow the name again in October when we do a digital festival but yeah nothing to go round there.

Had it again, glad I'm not crazy 😂 think of it as free advertising? And maybe check you're not paying for a sponsored post....


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Big pleased about seeing VE the Movie 4K ( dub is included, assuming this is the Netflix dub and not the one made for some Middle Eastern markets), Captain Tylor is also good to see.