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Clearly Sentai no longer has the rights so I would imagine that Animatsu no longer has the rights either (It has been oop for a while now) so its very likley AL can and will pick it up, knowing Gkids and AL relationship. Its also already been BBFC'd by Animatsu so that makes it a lot easier especially with the 39 episode count. Might even be possible to get an ultimate edition like what the Koreans got for Nadia, There is definitely enough material.
Hopefully AL would be able to do an in-house produced edition of Nadia with the omake OVAs included. The Japanese BD even has the omake shorts, so I'm not sure why Gkids skipped out on them.
It seems that the omakes are stuck in licensing hell (according to SpaceDandy on the Blu-ray(dot)com forums), which is why they're excluded from the GKIDS release, so I wouldn't count on them being included if the UK release was done in-house.


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perhaps il skip it ... or maybe not ....

240 Pages Non Hardback - 40 bucks for me ...