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A little patience is appreciated. There were an incredible amount of orders that came through for just the first day alone and I only started yesterday afternoon. Around another 200 orders have been dispatched today.

Gotcha. I don't know why I thought that it would be a more reasonable number spread out over a large number of days...

EDIT: Now I feel sheepish. Just got a dispatch e-mail.
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Same thing happened to me. I e-mailed them about it over the weekend, and got a favourable response.
Huh... so they were supposed to come with two? Mine only came with one.

EDIT: From Hanners on the Discord:
It should have been two stamp books, but seems like a few units are missing one. We're hoping to have some spares at the end of the stock repackaging run (which will be continuing for a while) for anyone who missed out but really wants the second one.
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The whole stamp book situation seems a bit weird to me because I pre-ordered the French set from their website, and I received a second set of stamps with the replacement discs. But both sets are identical, so were the plans to have two identical stamp sets from the beginning?


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Turns out I'm also in the one book of stamps brigade. Everything else is present and correct. It's a gorgeous looking set. It looks like a lot of work has gone into the art book in particular; there's a lot of text that has all been translated.