UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

Jon O Fun

Thousand Master
So I unknowingly predicted all the Aniplex combined collections 😂

Also interesting that K: season 1 is now two discs instead of the one disc Kaze released.

Takei Daloui

Student Council President
When I heard 11 new titles, my wallet started to shake in fear.
Luckily some of those I'll be able to pass on. The Kill La Kill, Gungale, Erased, and ReZero are very nice but in each case I've already got the collector's sets, though some of those box arts are nice. Erased especially with how it didn't have a box for the two parts.


I couldn't be more excited for Millennium Actress. For my money, Satoshi Kon's very best film and one that has been largely unavailable in the UK for far too long. That packaging looks gorgeous and 4K UHD? Honestly incredible that it's seemingly an economically viable format going forward - for select titles only of course, but very exciting.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Oh hell yeah Kill la Kill! I got the DVDs before I started really collecting blu rays and wanted to double dip to upgrade them for them for a while so this is perfect!


Death Scythe
For my money I'm definitely getting Kill la Kill and K.

The others will be budget dependent. the collector in me wants the full collection of Erased but I don't think it's justified.


Dragon Knight
Still waiting for that March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 announcement.
Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they don't go for that one. It doesn't seem to have sold that well and there was a few people that were set on not buying it since AL didn't announce Season 2 at the same time. If I was a distributor I wouldn't license the second season if I didn't know how well the first season would perform lol