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Do you think if I ask really really nicely that they would sell just the box? Already have the 3 Blu-ray amrays.
Other than that definitely Millennium Actress and Planetes, both upgrades from DVD.
if they did ever, sign me up for the Eureka Seven and Testament boxes too, wouldn't mind if the FMP box got a reprint also or they had an SKU with FMP IV for a box with space for 4 amaray cases

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Thinking about it I was kind of expecting them to announce a Kakegurui release date, who knows it may be one of their early birds for Q1.

A long shot as well but with AL having released some classic series on DVD only (Beck, Nerima Daikon, Kinos Journey, Chrono Crusade) and with it having appeared on Prime out of nowhere I have my fingers crossed for a Ghost Stories release 😉


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I was also hoping that they would have gave millenium actress a similair release to Perfect Blue and eventually have released all of Satoshi Kon's movies in that A4 format.
Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika still seem to be with Manga UK so no chance of Anime Limited doing a release for a while yet


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final Garden of Sinners movie ?

what you mean that set was missing one ?

so the anime limited titles will be in the december sale and not in the mystery boxs ? but wont be shipping outside the UK

@anime_andrew is all the lupin titles on screen anime a hint at things to Come ? :)

also are there codes being sent out each month to take a further % off early birds ?

and dos cyber city have just the one English Dub ?
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also are there codes being sent out each month to take a further % off early birds ?
If you are a paid yearly subscriber on ScreenAnime then you get a code which works on your Anime Ltd account (use the same email address) and you get 10% of all store orders which does include early birds.


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final Garden of Sinners movie ?

what you mean that set was missing one ?
Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin. An additional movie that was made a few years after the series. It was released by Aniplex, but it's OOP also been there for a while. Gorgeous as the series itself. By the way, there is a chance for another movie from this series ... I would love to ;)



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The good thing about that movie is, it's pretty extra. You aren't exactly missing a lot of content in terms of plot. (If anything it teases more that never got fleshed out than not.)

What definitely is nice though is Extra Chorus tucked onto the movies as specials.
Their Manga version (original?) is also in the GnS Artbook through. Making do with them so far, as it's not worth JP/AoA prices for me really.


Something's bugging me. We know that the 6th November's (today) Early Bird is Sword Art Online Alicization Part 2 CE and the 13th is Mobile Suit Gundam NT CE and a second chance for Turn A Gundam Part 2 CE, but what are the Early Birds for the 20th and 27th, as they haven't been revealed (well, not to my knowledge anyway), or are they going to be a surprise?


Thanks! That solves the mystery for the 20th (they haven't updated their Newswire blog post to reflect this).
Now we have to wait and see what is coming up for the 27th.

I noticed they still have 5 Centimeters Per Second listed with a 12 certificate instead of a U (which is what the BBFC rated it when Manga had it). Was it re-rated for any reason, as the reason for the U certificate was "contains no material likely to offend or harm"?


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Pre-Orders for Turn A Gundam Part 2 are back up again at £34.99



I'd be mighty surprised if SEED ships the HD Broadcast version in the UK for pre-orders and then re-ships the fixed discs. I might be wrong. Depends if its worth stopping production as this point (or when they found out from RS that they were redoing their discs) and ship what they have and then fix the remaining stock.