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Going to see a subbed screening of Weathering With You at a local showcase cinema this evening, looks fairly popular considering 30 odd seats were already booked.

Sincerely hope Millennium Actress gets a wider showing.


Yeah, Cineworld and Vue have both got listings. Cineworld has different listings for the sub and the dub. The sub is on Wednesday and the dub on Thursday whereas Vue it seems has a mix each night.

I've booked the dub at Cineworld Bolton for the moment as I'm off on the Thursday.


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Does anyone know if this second film will spoil any of the series for me please? - I'm well behind on the series like early season 2 I think? The first movie spoilt nothing so I'd really love to see this one if I can.


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Booked my ticket for Masaaki Yuasa's Ride Your Wave for the Showroom Cinema this Thursday.

Depending on the availability, I should hopefully sort out my ticket for Takashi Miike's First Love this Friday (and eventually Sonic the Hedgehog lol).


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Yet again I found myself watching an anime movie in the cinema without having ever seen the show, this time it was My Hero Academia : Heroes Rising, it was pretty fun, as usual these types of films feel like a typical episode just with a bigger threat then usual but that allows for some high budget action and the animation towards the end was pretty nice, definitely felt hype. The characters although simple were fun to watch and I got all of their quirks (no pun intended) straight away and could tell what people like about them and the series, makes me want to watch the show one day. Definitely one of those power of friendship will save the day films but I'm not against that. I went with my younger brother who's into the series and I'm glad that I went.

Mr L

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Saw the new My Hero Academia movie today. It was good, a little better than the last one. I do feel the 'big thing' that happens at the end isn't really explained properly (though at least better than the lack of explanation for Melissa's gauntlet never coming back). Also, several moments are undermined by the 'Reset Button Syndrome' most anime movies of this ilk suffer from.

Still a fun enough time though I'd still like my All-Might/Shimura prequel movie, something that could add meaningful context to the main story.


Straw Hat Pirate
Mononoke at the cinema de lux this evening, interested to see what kind of turnout it gets.

Edit: Half dozen people there; still managed to sit in front of a seat kicker and beside someone who managed to spend the entire 2+ hour film duration eating. I'm booking the whole thing out next time...
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