Anime at the cinema


I did manage to see Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel 3 Spring Song a few weeks ago at my local theater-there were 10 people including myself watching it. Unfortunately is was subbed only but I have the english dub at home so no problem.
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Seems Cineworld are showing the 4K GitS transfer this weekend on Imax screens.
I also see the 4K GitS steelbook shipped today for me from AOL - although, I don't have 4K capabilities at home yet to view it. I do have a 4K Oppo Blu-ray player, but no 4K TV or projector yet - both of mine are still just HD and working fine, so I haven't had the opportunity to buy a 4K screen yet.


The only thing that was playing at my local theater was Promar, I saw it a few years ago and didn't like it at all so hard pass on it.

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I was checking the Odeon app and its 'coming soon' section and it seems they showing Evangelion Death (True)2 and End of Evangelion films on 11th November. But they list it as Eng dub.
Same here, also saw them showing it on 14th November. It seems like it's Dub only in all if not most cinemas.

Speaking of anime in cinema, My Hero Academia: Worlds Heroes Mission is showing from 29th October, multiple dates and times at Odeon, Showcase, Cineworld, Vue, Everyman and probably other sites.


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Really hoping Evangelion gets screenings at Empire or Cineworld. Aside from the big ones like My Hero Academia there's not much variety for anime films in my area



According to the Scotland Loves Anime 2021 booklet, Looking for Magical Doremi, Pompo the Cinephile, Summer Ghost and Over the Sky will be showing across the UK as part of the Sheffield Loves Anime and We Love Anime tours on November 19th-21st and December 4th-5th, in addition to screenings of A Silent Voice, Cyber City Oedo 808 and Venus Wars at Sheffield Loves Anime.
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The Leeds Film Festival line-up is out, with a few anime and live-action films of note there this year.

Don't particular fancy going up to headingley myself for Sing a Bit of Harmony (since it's supposed to have a wider release in the future) or Tokyo Revengers, but I'll probably see Summer Ghost and Summer Time Machine Blues since they're both in the city.


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Oh goodness yes. But, unless I'm reading it incorrectly, it looks like Angel's Egg is part of the BFI's Japan 2021 touring season and might be showing in places other than Leeds as well - with any luck!


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I live in Poland, anime here is not as popular as in the west. I've never heard of anime screenings in cinemas :(


Was going to see the My Hero Academia movie today but the new Dune movie was showing so I saw that instead. Sci fi movies always win over anime movies in my book.


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Just got back from Leeds Film Festival, watched Fortune Favours Lady Nikuko. I would highly recommend watching this film if you get the chance. The story was light and fun, and the animation was great. The food shots will make you hungry, I wanted fried noodles and meat afterwards.