1000 things movies taught us


Completely Average High School Student
156 - All bars, clubs, pubs etc. only sell one type of beer hence why no one ask for a specific drink.

157 - When fight scenes break out in the toilets of a club there's never a dude selling lollipops and signing songs about issues with tissues & no spray, no lay in there.

158 - Paris is the only city in France as whenever someone is in France their hotel/apartment has a view of the Effiel Tower through the window.

159 - Ugly girls in High School are gorgoeus if it weren't for their glasses.

160 - Peasents & slaves in historic movies may be filthy but they gleaming white teeth.

161 - Taxis in movies are incredible as your ride always comes to a round amount so you wont need to wait for change.

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
163. When you suffer a crisis of confidence draw upon negative self-imagery to create an alter-ego who will boost your confidence and undermine racial stereotyping and perceived physical deformities.

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
164. Some things are more easily started than stopped so don't call up demons because they are a pain to get out of the house.


166 If someone says don't make them angry, do not make them angry.

167 You can make a highly durable suit of armour complete with flamethrowers and machine guns in a small cave

168 The only good Star Trek films are the even numbered ones

Ryo Chan

170. if when standing on your toilet, hanging a clock, you should fall, and hit your head on the sink. You will discover how to make time travel possible


172 - In today's society (as shown by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), you can still hit someone with a massive "POW!" like in the 1960's.


State Alchemist
175: American cops generally try to solve crimes. Except when the FBI become involved, at which point they become incompetent, belligerent and try to hinder the investigation as much as possible.

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
176. If one of your top CIA agents wants to go home to check on the husband/wife, let them otherwise they’ll bring you and your people a whole world of hurt.


Za Warudo
177. You can't kill a hero off simply, you must use an elaborate and mind numbingly slow way to kill them e.g. dipping them into lava

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
178. Digging yourself deeper into a conspiracy and getting shot instead of coming clean to your boss and admitting you messed up an operation is the best option for spies.