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    Jeez a few more people here every time I visit

    Well to be honest the last time I came out of my "hole" to see what was going on here on these forums. I didn't really like what I saw so I went back into my hole. About 10 months ago the most of the forum from what I could see was mindless drivel that people randomly posted so their...
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    Jeez a few more people here every time I visit

    Ok I have a full schedule and its been like 10 months since my last appearance... but this place seems to have got a LOT fuller than last time I popped my head out of my hole. Well anyways good to see UK Anime is getting the followers, perhaps soon the market will realise this too :)...
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    Rant time....Naruto style

    Not a large rant, just want a few other opinions. What is it with naruto I find it mind numbingly boring and way too aimed towards kids. Yet yesterday at the London Expo everybody and their great uncles were out in Naruto cosplay with those headbands on. Is it me just being weird and not...
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    Adventures of Manga Girls at Expo - how was Expo for you?

    My day included -Looking for any nice looking girls -Getting Aaron Dismuke autograph on my FMA vol 2 (who looks nothing like the picture they posted on the expo website) -Getting annoyed by over-enthusiastic fanboys/girls -Chatting up link(legend arent I) -Not buying a thing except pocky...
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    Free hug?

    Erm sum random kid on Sunday tried to hug me and my mate while sum random lass complimented my mates "Arch Enemy" huddy.
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    I once again set foot on the AnimeUKNews forums

    Im here no need to scream ladies haha.... Just thaught id say hi to those who dont know me and hey hey to those who do.
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    FAO: FF8Selphie, Original Angel, & ZAFF

    Hey im not 100% whats happening I have alot on and work are being **** wits as always so if im there im there.. if not then im sure youl all live.
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    Spirited Away & Ghibli: overrated rubbish?

    Yea Neptune you state a good point... But its a no win situation. Cartoons or for kids so we show them Fist Of the North Star.. they say mindless drivel we show them some bubblegum crisis too unrealistic (yet tweetypie and sylvester is realistic huh). Humans are hippocritical of everything and...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Final Fantasy 11 has once again got me hooked its worse than Heroin >.<
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    Giving Up On the Ol' Anime And Manga.........

    Nope but the tekkies gf's are normally about 6 stone overweight and look like like a clingon :P Now my room covered in gaming and anime stuff a mass of anime piled on shelves and do I care nope I still go out have a social life pull women bring em home and show em what funs all about :P...
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Over tha past week I have baught Tenjho Tenge Vol's 2 and 3 AH My Goddess vol2
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    What you guys doing right now.

    About to go play Final Fantasy 11 and get my Ninja sub job :)
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Where on the rooooooad to nowhere.................. Well Im sat in college just finished another assignment looking foward to a week off :) still gotta work tonight but oh well and yep im bored.
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Contemplating if to do my work orrrrr go on Final Fantasy 11 again hmmmmz
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    Konnichiwa Minasan!

    Welcome to the forums have fun here we all do. Dont take things said here to heart as if you do youl never invent malibu.