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    Sixth Form College, University and pressure

    Friend of mine decided not to go to university, nowadays he's making more money than anyone else from my degree course ^^. University isn't everyones cup of tea, and, depending on the sort of work you're looking for, it's not necessary either. A-levels are gonna be more important, but even then...
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    Y'know, at times, it sucks to be an anime fan in the UK.

    Well, I think there are a few reasons. First, in spite of your comments about short skirts etc, it's not really a fanservicey show, not compared to others. Rather, GTO is very much a comedy show, and that's on reason right there for companies to be cautious - bringing comedy shows out of their...
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    The old days of the web

    I remember I used to tell everyone to buy anime from ebay because it was so cheap... never gonna live that one down -.- I also used to get into those heated arguments - then I saw all the arguments. So. Many. Times. Makes it hard to take them seriously any more ^^ Edit - 1000 posts in 4.3...
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    Review of Ouran High School Host Club #1

    I don't think adding a bit of drama is such a bad thing, it helps flesh out the characters a bit. Otherwise they can just end up being tired stereotypes of themselves. Of course, the risk of drama is that it can turn into melodrama, and nothing kills a series quicker than that - however, I...
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    Kodomo no Jikan

    I read a bit of it, but eventually dropped it. The whole "sexualisation of children" thing that there was the whole hoo-hah about just seemed like a lot of fuss about nothing to me - the reason I dropped it was that the male lead was such a crap teacher I couldn't feel any sympathy for him...
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    Haruhi Season 2 soon enough?

    I heard it's Kadokawa rather than KyoAni that wanted 6 eps for this arc. You know the thing that bugs me most about Endless Eight? The way Kyon doesn't make any serious effort to break out of the time loop. He doesn't try anything on the last day, he doesn't leave any messages with Yuki to...
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    Coroners and Justice Bill.....Threat to anime??

    I think the point that Mohawk52 was trying to make (and I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong) is that this law won't really change anything in a practical sense if it goes through. I'd certainly say that it's a bad idea putting vague restrictive laws through on principle, but it may well...
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    Global Warming and Evolution

    Well, seeing all sides of a story is certainly a good thing. Links to peer-reviewed papers? Some, certainly, although they're fairly well buried behind the uselss U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works website, and various blog and newspaper links. Like I said before though...
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    Global Warming and Evolution

    I have to say that the content of that link (and the sites it links to) are, on the whole, worthless in terms of even a half-decent perspective on climate change. They have extensive use of emotive language, no stated method, no details, no analysis. They read more like propaganda than anything...
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    Autumn 2008 anime season: impressions thread

    Clannad ~After Story~ is just more of the same far as I can tell, but I liked Clannad so I'm happy. Toradora seems like a generic high-school romance. Not bad as such, seems relatively well-written etc, but it's still stuck firmy in it's genre-box. So... probably totally predictable...
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    Could you kill a mouse?

    Eh, problem with throwing them out or those humane traps is that they don't work. Turns out the little buggers'll walk back from literally miles away. So yeah, I kill them. I feel a little guilty about it, but I try to be pragmatic about these things.
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    Round 2 Battle 8 - Girls

    Re-l. Never actually seen Ergo proxy, but I have seen the other two shows... so yeah.
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    Paranoia Agent question

    Ah, ok. Sorry, that wasn't clear.
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    Paranoia Agent question

    Yeah, but... wikipedia. Also, this is paranoia agent, where what you're shown isn't necessarily what's actually happening.
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    Round 2 battle 7 guys

    Akito! I always felt Kurz was one of the flatter characters in FMP, and... well, the less said about Grimmjow, the better.