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State Alchemist
Rui said:
Baka & Test & Shoukanjuu 1-7

It seems ironic that even though this is a silly comedy, it has a bigger focus on academic matters than many more story-heavy school series.
The LNs are actually even more heavy in this regard! I would go as far as saying it is really a plot-based gag series, rather than the purely silly comedy it is often portrayed as.

fabricatedlunatic said:
I keep wavering back and forth on this series. For everything good I hear, like the above, there'll be a mention of, say, the plot getting serious that'll put me off.

vashdaman said:
ilmaestro said:
This doesn't surprise me too much, tbh. I saw it maybe four years after it was made, and it was already starting to look somewhat like a product of its time.
You know I wasn't saying I didn't like it, right? I even went as far as buying those nice tin box sets years later!

fabricatedlunatic said:
ilmaestro said:
This doesn't surprise me too much, tbh. I saw [Trigun] maybe four years after it was made, and it was already starting to look somewhat like a product of its time.
Do you mean visually or in terms of the content? I suspect the latter but I won't pass up the opportunity to complain that the art and animation is quite often abysmal, same as most TV series from the mid-late 1990s. It gets really, really bad at times.
Yes, I did mean the content (since "poorly animated" tends to be an issue for a lot of series at any time in the history of TV anime), but some of the production side of things is indeed abysmal at times.


Great Teacher
Idolm@ster ep 12

A Miki episode? Called it; of course I liked that. I was also thinking at one stage whether we'd see Awakend Miki but I guess she was more of an Im@s 1 thing. Also was that a reference to the game by Ami with the "Visual image up" at the end? :p

Still. More sly little Chihiya and Haruka character development. It really does feel like they pay attention to the source material when making this. Speaking of - I wonder how many songs will be used for the live, which should be next episode! I hope it's not just a rendition of The Idolm@ster again (Only because we've had it as ep 6's ending) but then what about new songs to sell cds? Kind of want to watch it now...
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Za Warudo
ilmaestro said:
Bakuman S2 ep 1 - Yup, Bakuman is back. Still good. News at 11.

I'll be getting on that shortly.

Started my Gundam 00 Season 2 rewatch. I think I've realised one of the reasons I don't like it quite as much as S1 already:

The villains are all villains. In S1 the villains were just other factions, none of which were evil with a handful of exceptions (Ali, Corner, Team Trinity in a way) which made the conflict quite interesting, because there was a real dilemma of "who is really in the wrong here?."

while in S2 the enemy faction is all baby-eating monsters or inhuman assholes. The former villains end up basically on the same side as Celestial Being by the end so it's pretty obvious who the bad guys are. Still, the first few episodes are very solid, iirc I dropped off in interest later in the series when the Innovades came into play more.


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Shakugan no Shana 09-12

Boy, even now Sorath and Tiriel creep me out...what with their way of exchanging power of existence...

I will admit, the slice of life side of Shana has drawn some criticism, but I found episode 11 to be one of the more enjoyable episodes I've re-watched so far (Also, Chigusa owning Alastor was hilarious). However, Yuji is such a jerk. When I watch Yoshida, I can't help but want to root for the underdog; even though I know that Yuji likes Shana more.


Karamatsu Boy
ilmaestro said:
Aha, now I know which Nagato you meant!

/damn anime characters and their names

Darn, you don't read all my posts in chronological order? I'm not the most important person in the world? ;_;



State Alchemist
I read them in reverse chronological order as I click on "show me the threads that have been updated since I last checked" and then open all the tabs starting with the most recently posted to thread. ^^;