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PenguinDrum 7

Not watching this for a while was...A bad idea. I don't dislike it but i'm struggling with every episode that passes which focuses on Ringo and her stalking obsession. I thought there was supposed to be a sense of urgency to get the penguindrum...?
This is what was putting me off. The show goes nowhere for far too long. But... keep watching. ^_^

I'm the same with maes, the series has many questions to answer at the half way point but it's so fun to watch and has become quite tense recently, I recommend you carry on watching it.

Oh I definately plan on carrying on. Slow pace isn't an issue; my top 2 favourite anime are both slow burners that hardly do anything! I'm still very much interested in the mysteries that the show keeps pumping out.

I think my problem is with Ringo as a character. This is a silly statement to make, and sadly i'm going to make it anyway, but Ringo feels very 2 dimensional in my opinion. I know it's not what she's all about, but all we ever seem to see is "Oh hey it's Stalker-tan!" and the episodes feel like they could have been condensed a little bit. Like the stuff with Kanba, especially in episode 6, have been the most interesting parts of the plot yet Ringo and her crazy stalker antics take up a bigger chunk.

Ot: Idolm@ster ep 11


It's interesting when they paired up actually. I had thought of Miki, Haruka and Chihiya as a trio I'd want to use often when I play Im@s 2...Although i'm going to find it near impossible not to main Makoto instead of Miki now!

Overall this was a really well rounded episode that was great again. It really showed off some of the struggles and confidence issues the girls face being idols. Not to mention a bit of character development for Chihiya and Haruka's relationship. Also this show will bankrupt me; everytime there's a bgm adaptation of a song I just fall in love with it and want to buy the Anim@tion M@ster cds. Looks like the midway point will be the live and that next episode will be a Miki episode!


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Fairy Tail 99

Okay, this episode was good. Gildarts was nothing short of epic, although I felt the "knowing your limits" moral is way too cliché. I wish more of the episode was dedicated to Lisanna & Juvia vs Erza because that looked way more interesting.

Thankfully, Rock City Boy is no longer the opening. Although I'm still undecided on the new one; and the ending theme isn't as good as the last one.
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Episodes 13-20 of witchblade today.

I've had a very...erratic viewing with this series. Bought the first 3 dvds in '08, then waited for a while after I saw the first three had been released as a boxset- hoping to get a 4-6 set. Watched the first 12 episodes.

Then, as an early Christmas present last year I bought the last three DVDs. And finally, today, I suddenly felt like watching it, and have shot through 4+5...


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Fate/Zero 1 (from the free NND broadcast)

I'm not a huge Fate fan but this was decent. Perhaps it will become a suitable weekly replacement for my Tiger & Bunny routine. I was a little put off at first with all of the sort-of-similar-looking blokes seriously waffling and posturing, but once things got going I started to enjoy the show, and I like that it's less cute than Fate/Stay Night was. Awesome voice cast too, though they're baiting me to keep watching to see the characters I want most to get involved ;;

Katanagatari 7-9

Soooo good. I was planning on waiting for my new blu-ray drive to arrive to test this but I wanted to see what happened too much (can always watch it again!). I'll finish the last episodes tomorrow. It feels almost like there have been too many really good shows coming out in the US lately.

FMA:B 3-7

Slowly (ok, quickly, but I'm impatient) catching up. I should probably buy volume 3 at some point before I end up stuck, somehow I missed picking it up at a logical time and there's a gap in my set. So I'll pace myself until that arrives.



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Rewatching Gundam 00 having just got the long-awaited AL set. I'd forgotten how much I want to violently stab Nena Trinity in the face, even before her moral event horizon. And that ****in' victory gesture she does ALL THE TIME... in most anime that doesn't bug me but I just hate Nena so much. So very, VERY much.


Anyways I'm still enjoying the show, I'll rent the second season for a rewatch once I'm done and then I'll give the movie a watch.


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Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere ep 1 - This show surprised me a fair bit compared to opinions I had read on the LN. There is certainly a depth of backstory waiting to be told, and there is a large cast of individual characters set up for varying degrees of epic adventures when they get their chance to take the lead...

but the first episode makes it look like essentially a slightly advanced, admittedly hilarious, sci-fi version of Naruto.

Animation was good, action quite entertaining, and the voice cast is simply ludicrous, across both genders. I wonder how many shows have actually had an ensemble cast to rival it in that way, on paper. The initial "meet the characters" five minute ramble is basically them taking it in turns to say "this is how I'm going to try to steal every scene from the other twenty of you", and easily enough to have a large number of people watching it just for that.

I won't be doing anything with the second episode except for watching it immediately, but I will end up disappointed if the story doesn't explode like I am expecting it to.
Up to episode 20, I think, of Trigun and it's taken a turn for the darker without completely abandoning the silliness of its early episodes. The show's okay and perfectly watchable, I suppose, but for whatever reason Trigun hasn't set my world alight as I was expecting it to based upon the internet's love. Stupid internet.


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Oh, crumbs; I just watched the first episode of the new HUNTERxHUNTER animé adaptation and, sure, I'm not particularly fond of it...but the confounded ending theme has me as misty eyed as an inebriated 52-year-old sailor man. I'm just so taken by the cathartic and soaringly reflective impression delivered by the chorus.

Delightfully ironic, too, that the flashing lights at the beginning should remind me of Rurouni Kenshin's ending themes, of all things.

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(If the embed fails, here's a link. It's not as attractive as an embedded video...which is a shame.)


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To me that sounds like a T-Pain who has realized he has long over saturated the Hip Hop market and now wants to break into the rock/pop scene, figuring that learning Japanese and doing some anime themes is as good a place as any to start.

animefreak17 said:
dude you shouldn't even think of bad mouthing trigun otherwise vashdaman will eat your head off

Lets not get too carried away now.


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vashdaman said:
To me that sounds like a T-Pain who has realized he has long over saturated the Hip Hop market and now wants to break into the rock/pop scene, figuring that learning Japanese and doing some anime themes is as good a place as any to start.

I'm going to have to take your word on that.