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Love After World Domination ep 11
Pajama party and special treatment.

In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki ep 11
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.

RPG Real Estate ep 12 (complete)
New mission.
A fun CGDCT show about finding new homes for a variety of different characters, but as the season progressed an actual plot develops surrounding one of the MCs that had some moving moments. Seems from the ending there might be another season, which would be nice.
Cutesy art style typical of Doga Kobo, although some backgrounds were a little plain, and the animation was nice.

ep 12

Deaimon ep 12 (complete)
Birthday trip.
Pretty chill SoL centred around a traditional Japanese sweet makers shop. All the various characters have episodes in which they sort out their worries, but the story is unfinished with plenty of overall plot points not fully resolved. Would like a second season, especially as there's no English version of the manga, yet.
The art was really nice with a painterly background and the animation was fine, apart from the cg vehicles which clashed horribly with the overall aesthetic.
Heroines Run the Show episode 12 Never too late. (Complete. Though a decent watch I found the final few episodes to be a bit less enjoyable due to some story drawbacks.) 3.5/5

Miss Sachiku and the Little Baby Ghost
episode 12 Letters. (Complete. Cute and inoffensive but perhaps a little saccharine for a second viewing.) 3/5

Skeleton Knight in Another World
episode 12 Final fight. (Complete. A fantasy outing strengthened by the core relationship between the leads.) 3.5/5

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2
episode 11 Talk with the devil.

Ghost Hound episodes 14-16

Doctor Who: The Two Doctors It was great having Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines back for this, and the Seville setting adds a nice flair to the story.
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Your Name Rewatch

This is a really good movie

Highly recommended to anyone who hasn't watched it this year <3 <3 <3

Lol, I've seen Your Name at least 200 times now, counting all the Youtube reaction videos for it over the years - there were 3 new reaction videos of this movie that dropped just this past week, and I have watched each of those twice already. I never miss when any new ones come out! 🥳

One of my favorite Kimi no na wa reaction videos is the one by TheFlamingShark, and his YT video includes the full movie. Most reaction videos on YouTube are edited versions 30-45 minutes long, to prevent copyright strikes, but there are also quite a few who redirect to their videos on other sites to show their full-length reactions. For reactions that have the movie's video or audio heavily filtered, or for timer-based full reactions, I like to play the movie synced up in a second window or on a second monitor.

I think it is so awesome to watch other people's first reactions to a movie, and especially Your Name. This is one of the biggest reasons I originally installed a projection movie theater room in my basement 16 years ago - to watch my guest's reactions to a movie I've already seen. It's kind of like an ASMR for me - so satisfying! 🥰

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Skeleton Knight in Another World (English Dub) Episode 9

The Dawn of the Witch (English Dub) Episode 9

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- (English Dub) Episode 9

I'm Quitting Heroing Episode 13 (OVA 1) Paranormal vacation.

Komi Can't Communicate Season 2 Episode 24 Reciprocate. (Complete. A second season that continued to build upon the budding relationship between the main pairing whilst also giving other characters some development in the spotlight.) 3.5/5

Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost
Episode 12 Letters. (Complete. Excessively cute and utterly innocent though a revisit probably won't be happening anytime soon.) 3/5

Skeleton Knight in Another World
Episode 12 Boss Fight. (Complete. A decent fantasy series enhanced by the core relationship built up between the lead pair protagonists.) 3.5/5

The Dawn of the Witch
Episode 11 Preparations.

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Episode 11 Inner demon.

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs (Japanese audio) - Episodes 7-12 (Completed)

Opening theme song is also a banger.

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Ya Boy Kongming ep7-8

New (Shin) Cutey Honey
ep2 (English dub)

The dub isn't always the best, but on balance, I think I do prefer Jessica Cavello as Honey, she brings a swaggering strength to the character that I appreciate. This is also I think one of the more (in)famous episodes, due to the S&M themed confrontation between Honey and the villain, but it's all in the best possible taste..

Lupin III: Part 1 ep13 (English dub)

The gang now functioning as an effective unit, although I think this very harmonious portrayal of their relationship was not always popular. It's nice to see Lupin and Fujiko cooperating without a hidden agenda now and again though.
Date A Live IV episode 12 Spirit. (Complete. As far as seasons of this anime go IV is one of the better offerings and an improvement on the third season for me.) 3.5/5

Love after World Domination
episode 12 Big baby. (Complete. A likeable comedy romance series with lovers on opposing sides. It’s a familiar premise executed in a fun way.) 3.5/5

episodes 51-55 Oni idols.

Ghost Hound episodes 17-22 (Complete. An engaging psychological supernatural outing that kept me intrigued throughout.) 4/5

Ghost Hunt (Rewatch)
episodes 1-7

Doctor Who: Timelash Often derided as being one of the worst of classic Who this wasn’t as bad as this reputation suggests but does have its problems, namely in the production values and the story feeling padded in places.
CUE! ep 24 (complete)
Full circle.
A fun look at the lives of group of girls starting out as seiyuu. Although there were far too many characters, 16 girls plus a few support characters, the girls got split into 4 groups who, at least initially, did different things. A group who managed to win their first audition and VAd in the same anime, a group who became an idol group, another who started a radio show and a final one initially because they were the only 4 left, but they found their own thing. This structure meant most episodes dealt with only one group and the focus of a lot of episodes dealt with a hang-up of one member, most of which was solved by the old power of friendship having initially tried to deal with the issue themselves. Even after all that though I could probably only name a few of them! In a form of life imitating art all the girls were voiced by new seiyuus and they were all pretty good. Ironically the game it was based on is no longer available, as far as I can tell.
The art and animation were both pretty standard. The musical numbers they performed were all pretty good as were the OPs and EDs.

ep 19
Stains massive.

AOASHI ep 12

Love After World Domination ep 12 (complete)
Cutting through.
A fun rom-com of star crossed lovers who are on the opposite side of the battle between good and, in a super sentai tongue in cheek way, evil. Lots of laughs and some fun action.
Very good art with some interesting character designs and nice animation.

Heroines Run the Show
ep 12 (complete)
The Countdown begins.
A country bumpkin girl (Hiyori) comes to the big city and in order to support her dream of being an athlete ends up getting a job looking after a couple of male idols who also happen to go to the same school. She has no idea about idols and they in turn are arrogant and stand offish with their schoolmates, and fight among themselves all the time. Together they learn and grow. Hiyori is a great character with lots of get up and go, and shrugs off lots of problems, some she really shouldn't have like the forced drama in the penultimate episode that gets a resolution in the finale. I have no idea what her accent was, but I could tell it was different from the usual the way Inori Minase voiced her. I had to put her in my favourites!
Art and animation were very good.
Alice In Borderland
That was excellent. A real shame it wasn't a full lenght series as I could've watched it all day. The characters were interesting, the challenges were devious and engrossing and I was sad we didn't get more.
Big spoilers for the third (and final) episode but why didn't they try having multiple people look at the wolf at the same time? I thought that was going to be the solution to create more wolves and win the day.

Doctor Strange Into The Multiverse Of Madness rewatch
Such a great and fun film to watch. Totally holds up on a rewatch, is a wild ride and is just a really good time. Rami does such a good job of setting up a Marvel MCU film and then going full Rami on us. It's glorious!
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 (Japanese audio) - Episodes 1-7

How is the second season of Shield Hero? I heard it wasn't as good as the first season, but that was fairly early on in the episodes. My neighbors and I really got hooked on the first season, so I was looking forward to watching the second season with them.
A Couple of Cuckoos episode 10 Opposites attract.

In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki episode 12 Snapshot.

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2 episode 13 A Special thank you. (Complete. A solid second season which saw more new members and struggles to overcome for the cast.) 4/5

Shikimori’s not just a Cutie
episode 10 Slow and steady.

Spy x Family episode 12 Family day out. (Complete. This was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to Part 2.) 4/5

Ghost Hunt (Rewatch)
episodes 8-22

Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks One of my all-time favourite stories from the series and a brilliantly dark script, especially Davros’ “consumer resistance” line.
Aharen-sanwa Hakarenai (English Dub) Episode 11

Date A Live IV (English Dub) Episode 9-10

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War -Ultra Romanctic- (English Dub) Episode 9-10

Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3 (English Dub) Episode 8

CUE! Episode 24 Bonus episode.

Date A Live IV Episode 12 Determination. (Complete. After the lacklustre outing that III was thankfully IV is an improvement. I'll also be checking out V when it eventually comes out.) 3.5/5

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War -Ultra Romanctic- Episode 12-13 Together at last. (Complete. A highly anticipated confession that the anime has been building up to since the very start which this season does well leading up to it. I'm looking forward to the next installment.) 4/5

Love After World Domination Episode 12 Big baby. (Complete. A likeable and fun rom-com about two lovers from opposite sides. This was also a nice change to see a common premise done differently.) 3.5/5
How is the second season of Shield Hero? I heard it wasn't as good as the first season, but that was fairly early on in the episodes. My neighbors and I really got hooked on the first season, so I was looking forward to watching the second season with them.
The turtle story arc (episodes 1-6) is infamous across the novel and manga for not being great in the first place. I don't mind the arc, but I felt that Kinema Citrus should have adapted the arc as a self-contained film and use any important elements out of that and into an anime original episode or two so that in a sense viewers can skip the arc entirely and make Season 2 flow better.