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The Wildcard
Plunderer ep 2 (dropped)
Finds out this is 24 eps, nope I just can't do it! Everything is generic at best. Yet another poor fanservice/sexual assault scene, I'm guessing the writer put our female MCs "count" in such a place just so they write the same scene again and again!

Hatena☆Illusion ep 2
School starts.

NekoparA ep 2
A new addition to the Clowder.

Somali and the Forest Spirit eps 1 (re-watch) & 2
It wasn't quite time for the next episode, so I thought I'd watch the first one again. The second one was just as sweet.

Bodoukan ep 2
Fashion shows and fan letters.

Toilet-bound Hanako-san ep 2


Dragon Knight
Dai Shogun
Err this was pretty odd and not totally in a good way. The art was great but the animation was not. Lots of camera pans over still images or just one item moving in a really unnatural way. They also used this weird wavering fish eye lens effect to make boobs jiggle that was really bizarre.

The mech fights never lasted long enough, though they were entertaining for what we got and the harem comedy aspect was never that good though the heros were likeable and the villains ludicrously over the top and gross.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
Assassins Pride (English Dub) Episode 10-12 (Complete)

Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (English Dub) Episode 10-11

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World (English Dub) Episode 11

Radiant Season 2 (English Dub) Episode 13

Hatena☆Illusion Episode 2 Family secrets and disruptive guests.

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die Episode 2

Infinite Dendrgram Episode 2 Level grinding.

Nekopara Episode 2 More kitty cuteness.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 2 Making medicine and a race against time.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Episode 2 Gossiping.


CCG’s Reaper
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NekoparA episode 2 New surroundings.

Somali and the Forest Spirit episode 2 Tasty treats and medicine.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard episode 2 Every gemstone is unique.

Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun episode 2 Change the rumours.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne episodes 1-2

Also began my rewatch of Twin Peaks, starting with the pilot and hopefully working my way through all the seasons plus FWWM and Missing Pieces.


The Wildcard
Princess Principal (dub) eps 10-12 (complete)
One final character episode before the overall plot bursts out to the forefront.
All the characters were good to great and the episodic nature of most of the season meant each one got some good airtime. Not always a fan of episodic stuff, but they were varied enough to keep it fresh. The overall plot was a bit confusing at times, remembering who was who in the rest of the cast and what their motivations were and in the end it didn't really come to a conclusion. Apparently there's 6! films coming, but probably not much hope we'll see them legally over here I'm guessing!
The art and animation were pretty good too, as was the soundtrack. The dub fell into the usual trap of the Yanks thinking everybody speaks either in a posh or cockney accent, although as the action was set either a posh school or in London I suppose it worked in this case and it's always a bit weird watching shows set in the West, but the characters speak Japanese.
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Completely Average High School Student
Nisemonogatari eps 8-9

Finally got to the
famous toothbrush scene and it was weird as hell even with context, I don't think I'll ever get used to how weird this show can be. These have been the first two episodes of Tsukihi's arc but both episodes have been focusing on Karen so I'm confused, there are only two episodes left so I'm wondering if that is really enough time for Tsukihi's story


The Wildcard
Asteroid in Love ep 3
Studying, part-time jobs and maps.

RikeKoi ep 4
Data date.

Darwin's Game ep 3
The deadly treasure hunt starts.

Toradora! (dub) eps 1-4
Starts off quite well and the characters are mostly quite fun, but I think this might be a show best watched at a slower pace as Taiga by her very nature can get a bit grating in her Tsun mode.


Dragon Knight
One Piece Z
Entertaining but not as good as Strong World. A bit too dark and serious for a OP film and they clearly saved a lot of the budget for a sequence near the end.


The Quintessential Pouts
AUKN Staff
Weathering With You (Japanese audio) - Film

Weathering With You was pretty good, but it loses points for essentially borrowing the same structure as Your Name (i.e. boy and girl meet each other, they get close, girl disappears or tragic case, boy has to save her, time skip, they get together). I found the humour to be a massive improvement and while the animation is impressive, the camera shots in various places just feels like random filler to show off and unnecessary. The music I felt was as good, if not, better than Your Name but that's a subjective thing. Overall a solid film, and despite its flaws, it's almost on the same levels as Your Name. As for the ending, yeah the main characters had no consequence over it and was basically a Deus Ex Machina moment but hey at least it's part of the Shinkaiverse.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 2 The Festival begins.

Asteroid in Love Episode 3 Hitting the books, part-time work and various maps.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It Episode 4 A fieldwork date.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
A Certain Scientific Railgun T episode 2 Tournament arc (?)

Asteroid in Love episode 3 Precious partner.

Haikyu!: To The Top episode 2 Trying to improve.

Science Fell in Love, So I tried to Prove It episode 4 Surveys and indexes.

Smile Down the Runway episode 2 Rip and tear.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne episodes 3-6 (Complete. A mixed bag of intriguing ideas paired with a lot of violence and sex that served a purpose but often felt like shock value. The series did improve as the episodes progressed and the timeskips and immortality themes were neat but the anime just felt like missed potential in places.) 3/5

Twin Peaks
episode 1
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The Wildcard
Toradora! (dub) ep 5
A rival appears.

A Lull in the Sea ep 1
Seems a bit odd lore wise and definitely melodramatic in plot. We'll see how it goes.

Interspecies Reviewers ep 2
Little and large.

In/Spectre ep 2
A fastidious water God.

Destructive Bore half of ep 2 (dropped)
Just not funny and all the characters are annoying.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
My Hero Academia Season 4 (English Dub) Episode 13 An Unforeseen Outcome.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (English Dub) Episode 5

22/7 Episode 2 First Instructions. Well this episode just made absolutely no sense whatsoever with Miu's role, especially when it comes to the ending credits.

A Destructive God Sits Next to Me Episode 2 Infuriatingly Annoying.

Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia Episode 14 Strategy Meeting.

In/Spectre Episode 2 Mystery and a pernickety diety.

Interspecies Reviewers Episode 2 [Uncensored] Sadly, Bigger isn't always better.

Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Episode 3

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Episode 16 Invisible boundaries.