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Dandy Guy, in Space
Kakegurui Ep 1-12 (complete)
I put this on while I was at my mates place at his recommendation and I got completely hooked. Anime Limited hold the rights to publish this one right? Might have to pick it up when they release it. Onto s2~
We Never Learn ep 5
Accidental first.

Demon Slayer ep 5
Receiving the first mission.

Why the Hell Are You Here, Sensei ep 5
First episode with a new sensei.

Midnight Occult Civil Servants ep 5
First time in another world.

Attack on Titan s3 p2 e2
First use of a new weapon.

Kono Oto Tomare ep 4
First time, erm, meal out as a club.


School Idol
Cinderella Nine ep 5
The first real setback for the team. Predictable, but nothing fundamentally wrong with that, it was handled well. Also I feel like the production quality took a bit of an upturn this week, maybe because it's the first match? Either way, I hope they can keep that up.

Fairy Gone ep 5
I watched this a few hours ago and now have come to say something about it and I find myself genuinely hard-pressed to remember half the episode. The first half was decent and is still in my memory but the second half is just... blank. Which probably isn't a good sign.

Fruits Basket (2019) ep 1-3
Never been exposed to Fruits Basket in any form previously, so I'd been meaning to give it a try and more or less dropping Senko-san prompted me to do so. Good first impression really, although I am a bit surprised how decisive and fast-moving it seems.
fast-moving it seems.
Just checked the synopsis for ep 5 of the old show, to remind myself, and it's the same point of the story as ep 5 in the new version. So it seems to be going at the same pace, unlike Brotherhood.
Haven't read the manga so no idea if it's going at the same pace as that or not, but the pace seems fine to me.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
Kiki's Delivery Service (English Dub)
A delightful anime from master animator Hayao Miyazaki and world famous studio... Studio Ghibli. This is personally one of my all time favourite Ghibli films. The story is not very deep but the characters are very charming. The focus is definitely more focused on exploration and wonder with elements of character development, though watching Kiki deal with her new life is what makes this enjoyable. As always the animation is excellent and the music accents the mood. It is more of a little anime and story than his other works, but cute and nice in its own right. 4/5

Dororo Episode 17
What do You Fight for?

Yatogame-chan Observation Diary Episode 5
When in Nagoya, learn the Nagoya way.


School Idol
Joshi Kausei Episode 5
We Never Learn: BOKUBEN Episode 5
Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu Episode 5
Cinderella Nine Episodes 4 & 5
Sarazanmai Episode 4 Soiya! Soiya! Soiya! Soiya! The peggies are popular for OP/EDs at the moment.
Wacky TV Na na na Episode 4
Isekai Quartet Episode 4
Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki Episode 4



CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Dororo episode 17 Meet your maker.

Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki episode 5 More quirky antics. Shame this series isn’t made up of 12 minute episodes.

Brigadoon episodes 9-26 (Complete. Going into this blind I was expecting an adventurous series with familiar ideas and scenarios but instead got an often dark anime that wasn’t afraid to put the main character, Marin, through some pretty unfortunate situations.

The first half felt more monster-of-the-week with an outcast lead who often gets bullied whilst the second took a darker turn with Marin going through a fair amount of suffering before things slowly get better and the climax comes into play.

I did find that some of the supporting characters pretty one-note in their dislike for Marin, especially her classmates and a recurring antagonistic force, culminating in some scenes that felt a bit over-the-top in their execution. Despite that and a few other nitpicks it’s a shame this series has sunk into obscurity as it holds up pretty well. Now if only a company like Discotek could give it a Western release.) 4/5


School Idol
Just checked the synopsis for ep 5 of the old show, to remind myself, and it's the same point of the story as ep 5 in the new version. So it seems to be going at the same pace, unlike Brotherhood.
Haven't read the manga so no idea if it's going at the same pace as that or not, but the pace seems fine to me.
Oh it's not fast-paced in a bad way. I was just expecting the developments to be slower for some reason. Although to be fair that expectation had no real basis.


Dragon Knight
The Heroic Legend of Arslan season 1
Been giving this a rewatch the last few days before watching season 2. Been really enjoying it. I like how every faction has both good and bad people in it. Even though were predisposed to support Arslan it does make the show more interesting.
Dororo eps 15 - 17
15 got a little confusing, possibly because it was part 2 and I watched part 1 ages ago, but there did seem to be a bit of explanation missing. Also Dororo finally realised that Hyakkimuru might actually be in the wrong.
16 got a little silly and 17 seemed to be a bit of a set up episode, plus more people realise that Hyakkimuru is in the wrong.
Also it seems to have gone down a bit in quality, the character models of people in the middle/background look terrible now.


Dororo ep 17

I will travel across Dad’s land
Searching far and wide
To kill them is my real test, to get my body is my cause
Gotta kill ‘em all! (f*** you!)
they took the best of me!
you try to kill me
And I’ll try to kill you!
gotta kill ‘em all
Gotta kill ‘em all

Perfect Blue Film - didn’t really notice much in terms of quality, I guess it sounds cleaner than the standard release? Anyway, both the standard release I got and the new UE are Blu-ray, wouldn’t expect them to be that different

Attack on Titan s3 p2 ep 2 - #Titanbowl is officially underway! Here’s the play by play;
As the warrior captain ”the beast” sends his centre fielders to cut off the Scout’s retreat, meanwhile Reiner “the armour” Braun thinks he’s figured out “captain suicide mission” Erwin’s plan and turns back at the halfway point to tackle Eren “suicidal moron” Jeager, but has unintentionally wandered into the Scout’s territory, with their fancy new toys in hand they shave down Braun’s defence, lets hope Braun doesn’t lose his head before half time!

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Currently watching through Funi’s channel from Amazon, Death Parade - it’s a series about dead - everybody! Put your hands up!
the start of every episode! Everytime it makes me a dang slave!

Planning to watch Kill la Kill again before the game drops, still have seen MHA - two heroes or DBS - Broly yet though, put that next to Bondrewd’s film next year and quite a lot of series are actually getting movies lately