WMD's D&D Campaign: Strixhaven University


Session 16


The crew head to Sedgemoor and find 2 jettys with no boats around at the edge of the swamp. They can see several small islets and several large tree stumps protruding from the water. The largest of the islets have 2 wooden sheds on it.

Archemedes decides to fly around the area inspectinh arouns the islets looking for signs of this unserwater spring. He does not find the spring but does see 2 worgs on the central islet and a snake swarm on another.

After Archemedes reports back Py uses his bag of tricks and gets a badger to wade out and see if the swamp is traverseable. The group goes out to south west islet. They only find one magic ingredient.

Archemedes casts sleep at worgs but fails and then Timmy casts it and manages to get one of them asleep. Arch then distracts the other by flying around overhead and teh others try yo speedily get across and into one of the huts but get noticed. Only Kaylah makes it in.

The worg attacks and Py is knocked off his badger. While some try to fight Timmy disengages and flees into hut. Elleva becomes a bear, bites the 1st one to death and then runs over to gut other one and wakes it! Py gets up and uses catapult magic stone and gets back on badger! Ophelia, in a stop over a previous spell failing, runs into hut! Kaylah steps up and caves it skull in with her quarterstaff!

Thet search for trapdoors in the huts but find none. Timmy finds 2 harvesting kits in the first hut which makes Ophelia jelous as she found nothing. Py goes to the other hut and finds 2 healing potions!

They head north west and find nothing on a small islet, press on to the next where most of the group is oblivious apart from Ophelia, who notices the slight sounds of water bubbling gently. All of a sudden a geyser erupts but its actually a giant scorpion who attacks!

We'll carry on next time with the battle!


Session 17

And straight into battle our fearless group go as a Giant Scorpion had burst out of the water! The scorpion is a flailing maelstrom of claws and stinger! Timmy gets a devastating does of poison and goes down. Py gets caught in one of its claws and starts getting crushed!

Archemedes goes and stabilises Timmy while the other fight back. Kaylah's barrage of quarterstaff and fists, and Elleva's bear form prove most useful. Py attaches a flame thrower to the scorpion's claw but the scorpion is able to simply move its claw so it doesn't get burnt. Archemedes tries to get some sneak attacks in but misses all if them! Ophelia uses a potion to bring Timmy round.

In the end its the work of Kaylah and Elleva that finish of the enraged creature. Archemedes immediately cuts off the stinger to keep and take to his poisons club! Ophelia had identified the corrupted springs location and they take a sample of the water before and after adding the holy water to show ProffessorTotsky.

They also search around for spell components for Totsky and Ophelia finds a oilskin bound journal which she pockets to study later. After collecting all the spell ingredients they head home. Archemedes stashes the stinger at home and they go report to Totsky who is delighted and gives each one a college primer (magical object) for helping save the University from these trobling occurrences.

The group get named Students of the Year at a lavish ceremony in their honour and an expose appears in the Strixhaven Star about the Corrupted Eldritch Balm and our intrepid heroes who saved the day!

Thus brings a close their first academic year at Strixhaven. The group levels up to level 4! They have free time now which is a bit different to the usual free time where they have a couple of weeks on campus before having a couple of months back home before the next academic year starts.


Session 18


So the group are into their extended free time. I've decided to run this like a series of mini games so it doesn't take too long and people don't spend weeks with nothing to do whilst others play out their free time.

Py has decided he wants to spend his summer recreating his own cogwork archivist. I'm sure there are long boring rules about how long it would take a player to make something like this but that would be very time consuming and not fun to play. Basically I had him role a history check (to see how well he recalls the build of one-he works on the cogwork maintenance team at the Biblioplex so seems fair) and also a sleight of hand to see how well can put the thing together. Based on those checks he got 5 d4s he could add to the subsequent checks to make the thing. Basically a different roll for each element of the stat block. Where he did badly it has worse stats and where he did very well it has an improvement. In total was 26 checks to make and I now need to finalise the stats for it but on the whole he did well even though it make be a bit low on hp.

Archemedes had a race against the clock mini game as the poison in the stinger he got off the scorpion would spoil by the end of the summer holiday so needed to acquire a poisoners kit as soon as possible. Basically he could make a check each week to see if he got it, the check type depending on how he is trying to get it with his efforts reducing the DC. After spending his third week studying the poisons book he previously acquired from the Biblioplex he was able to get a specific shopping list of things for his contacts to find and got it on the 4th week of the holiday. There were 2 doses left in it but he only successfully extracted 1 but it is very potent.

Had some discussion with the rest of my players about what they want to do and am trying to devise minigames for them for this week.


Session 19
So I decided to add a part to Archemedes free time as he still had a month left of the summer break. I had him roll a few checks based around studying the book he got from the library and he learnt 2 new poison recipes and how to make antidotes for them. Rather than use poisons from the official rules are they're generally pretty boring I found some homebrew ones online.

Kaylah went off to visit Cadoras over the break. As well as spend time with him she wanted to practice her monk skills (trying to incorporate dance into it) and build an EHS kit. I had her roll a series of checks for each one which accumulated d4s for her and then had her roll all the d4s at the end to determine the final quality of what she obtained. She deepened her relationship with Cadoras to +4 (still need to work out what bonus this will bring) and got a basic EHS kit that grants +2 to charisma check whilst being worn for official duties. Unfortunately the monk practice was a disaster but she had fun dancing!

Timmy went on a treasure hunting trip. I designed this as a dungeon speed run game. Where failed checks would make upcoming checks harder. In the end Timmy was extremely fortunate to obtain a rod of alertness having had a torrid run of dice rolls throughout the game!

Ophelia entered the end of year Dragonchess tournament. She had Mina help her research her opponents and she easily dispatched her quarterfinal opponent. She faced off against Tilana in the semifinal and it was an epic and tense battle that really went down to the wire but Tilana came out victorious. Ophelia was upset and came back to cheer Bhedum in the final and taunt Tilana. She went back to 0 with Bhedum and is at -2 with Tilana.


Had a weekend of DnD!

Session 20
Had to finish the holiday free time with Elleva. She had several smaller things she wanted to do. She failed to advance her relationship with Javenesh. She didn't find the guys having secret conversations in the Tavern. She managed to make a health potions! And she found and studied a bat and an ape for her wildshape form.

And onto 2nd year! They now each live at the college they have chosen (Archemedes and Elleva at Witherbloom, Py and Ophelia at Quandrix, Kaylah at Prismari and Timmy at Lorehold) and have chosen their courses for the new year. After leaving class as the start of the year they meet friends in the Tavern on Central Campus and get told about this year's big event: The Battle of Strixhaven! A Mage Tower match held every 3 years between 2 teams of students. The group gets encouraged to enter and they go find Proffessor Mavinda Sharpbeak to put themselves forward. She is happy to sign them up but asks for a favour. College mascots are used in the match and they need to be catalogued but some have got lost and there is a commotion on Witherbloom. She asks them to investigate and tag and mascots they find.

The group head down to the area around Windroot Hall. They arrive on the west side of the area and head north along one of the wooden walkways above the boggy land. They meet Uzmaktok and Melywthorn who have spotted some odd yellow puddles in a clearing. On investigating they become 2 oozes that attack! They swiftly dispatch them which impresses the pair but Py still calls Uzmaktok Uzzy and so goes to -2 with him.

They head further up the path and find an observation hut. Inside they find a mascot hiding under a table and tag it. They spot a clearing further north and notice some rustling at its edge. They head there and Elleva in bear form investigates. 2 enraged Giant Elk emerge and another tense battle ensues. Elleva tries to speak to them but they're confuses and angry. Afterwards they spot a second mascot that they tag. Ophelia notices a strangeness to the sir that might be affecting the wildlife and mascots.

They go back to the hut and have a short rest. Then continue on west and find a nice scenic patch of lovely wild flowers. Elleva, in bear form rolls around in them and Ophelia gives Kaylah a broken one.

They find another observation hut in the northeast. And whilst most go inside, Archemedes and Ophelia check out to fungal mounds which come to life and attack. They defeat one and another seems to come to its senses and run away. Archemedes harvests the tusk of the brackish trudge for study.


Second day of our dnd weekend.

Session 21
The group heads south and finds another observation hut. This one has a downstairs level below the walkway where they find Javenesh talking to a fountain. Inside the spring is a water weird, Lothennep, that has lived on the campus for centuries and is quite pompous. Javenesh needs water from the fountain and Lothennep doesn't want to move. Kaylah tries to mediate but can't persuade Lothennep but Ophelia joins in with a proper reverential tone and manages to get him to allow Javenesh to collect some water. They then spot a third mascot in the hut which they are able to tag.

They continue heading south and follow a clear trail off the main walkway which leads to a clearing with 2 stinky mounds. Elleva immediately charges it and a large plant monster unfurls itself screams that its disturbed! Part way through the battle Archemedes manages to make it fall asleep and then a spirit statue mascot appears saying it doesn't want to follow the rules. They catch it and run away before the plant wakes up! Eventually Ophelia gets angry at it and it stops misbehaving and let's them tag it with tears welling up in its eyes.

The visit the central Windroot Hall, oddly devoid of any teachers or students but the group avail themselves of some supplies, taking 2 health potions, 3 antitoxins and 3 herbalism kits.

They loop east and south and find another observation hut. They spot some rustling on the roof and suddenly a giant scorpion launches itself from the hut onto the walkway in front of them! Archemedes gets excited and rushed in but is caught in its claws and stung and knocked unconscious. Kaylah manages to revive him but Timmy uses shatter whilst Archemedes is still in its claw and is knocked out again! An ankheg appears and starts spitting acid at Ophelia you entangles it and they start a back and forth from range whilst the others save Archemedes and defeat the scorpion. Ophelia almost defeats the ankheg but Timmy swoops in to deal the finishing blow! Archemedes manages to get a sample of poison out of the scorpion sting. And the group head back to rest.

They report to Sharpbeak and explain how brutal and odd the wildlife is behaving in the area. She gives them all a health potion and Archemedes manages to persuade her for more and they get a speak with animals potions and a heroism potion.

They head back the next morning to continue searching the area and find a hidden small clearing full of bones and a piece of chipped chitin.

Far south they find a clearing with a black puddle in it and Elleva is attacked for the trouble of exploring it. Archemedes has is rapier acid damaged as he stabs it and retreats back. Elleva, after having her wolf form defeated, turns into a bear and slashes it which splits it in 2! But they are eventually able to defeat it.

Next time we will continue with the hunt for mascots!


This session as actually played at new years but it's taken me a while to remember to write it up.

Session 22

We pick up with the group still hunting mascots. They carry along the main path and spot another clearing. When investigating 2 Ankhegs burst out of the ground and attack, spraying acid! Elleva and Py's cogwork CAS are both grappled. Luckily Py has fitted CAS with an Artificer device to grant temporary hp to nearby party members! They manage to kill one and the other comes to its senses and flees back underground! They then spot an Inkling mascot. Elleva tries to distract it while Kaylah sneaks up on it. Which failed. But then kaylah just launches herself at ut and manages to tackle it!

Timmy goes and searches a nearby observation hut and finds a pest mascot gnawing on a stone. Archemedes gets it tagged and Py takes the stone to investigate its magical properties. He works out its an Ioun stone of awareness, fixes it up and then Elleva equips it.

After reporting back to Proffessor Sharpbeak about their successful mission she gives them a voucher to get an item from the magical store on campus. This allows Archemedes to replace his damaged rapier with a +1 rapier.

They now go into free time.

Kaylah decides to go back and investigate around Windroot Hall. Most of the gang go with her but they are unable to turn up anything out of the ordinary and even Lothennep is unable to help.

Archemedes goes to his covert poison club to share his summer findings with Erky and Metsutha. They go out into the Witherbloom Campus to try and find ingredients for Hail's Revenge and Metsutha is successful in getting a 1/4 of the ingredients for a dose.

Ophelia goes to the Stixhaven Star offices and brings Archemedes disguised as a halfling going by Quinton Teamantle who is interested in joining. Ophelia catches up with Mina and learns about her personal research and offers to help. This gains her a +3 relationship status with Mina and they become besties.

Meanwhile Archemedes is with fellow prospective club members listening to talks about the club. During Graysons long winded and self agrandising talk he stealths off and sneaks into Grayson's office. This time he is able to break into his secret compartment and finds some blackmail documents. Archemedes takes them, moves things about the office and leaves a note saying All is not well. Ophelia detonated a stink bomb and Arcehmedes is able to flee in the chaos.

Timmy goes to his new job as the Campus Labs and learns about sample preparation. He impresses Uzmaktok with his initiative to learn and improve his skills/knowledge and gets to +3 with Uzmaktok!

Elleva goes to work at the Tavern and flirts with Javenesh asking about his summer and family. Javenesh asks her out and she gets to +3 relationship status with him.

Py goes to the Entrepreneurs Club and shows off CAS. This interests Grayson and they discus inventions and business opportunities at length and agree to enter business together marketing Py's inventions like his self righting armour. Py immediately gets to +2 status with Grayson.

Eternal chibi

Dandy Guy, in Space
"by pulling out the fuzzy object and throwing it, it will transform into a random creature. this creature will be friendly towards you and even obey orders!"

this is basically my dream come true

sounds like a positive run for your group recently.... I maybe wish for more punishment


"by pulling out the fuzzy object and throwing it, it will transform into a random creature. this creature will be friendly towards you and even obey orders!"

this is basically my dream come true

sounds like a positive run for your group recently.... I maybe wish for more punishment
Haha they have done well recently and definitely above the power curve so will have to start pushing them more! I meed to get them to all have a rival soon as it will make things coming up much more entertaining!

The bag of tricks is fun and Py is using it well!


Session 23


The gang are going out one evening when they bump into Javenesh who excitedly tells them about shenanigans going down at the Rose Stage. The group head down to see the stage filled with College Mascots, the Witherbloom pests being mollified with some pest bait some students have acquired. The challenge is a game of Mascot stacking! 5 spirit statues have volunteered to be the stack bases and in teams of 2 the students have to use special teaching wands to levitate and balance the mascots on top of each other. The highest stack wins!

The teams:
Kaylah and Cadoras
Timmy and Uzmaktok
Elleva and Javenesh
Ophelia and Py
Nora and Tilana

As per Archemedes decides to run a betting scam. After judging his friends and rivals decides Py and Ophelia have the best chance of winning, the Elleva, Timmy, Nora and finally Kaylah in that order and manipulates the odds in his favour.

Let the match commence! It's tense and everyone gets off to a good start. Unfortunately Elleva and Javenesh knock their stack over half way through and can't catch up. The others are neck and neck right to the end! (In terms of game mechanics each member rolls a check- sleight of hand, arcana or animal handling- and the 2 scores are added together. The top 4 teams scored 37, 38, 39 and 40! Super close!) Py and Ophelia come fourth. Timmy and Uzmaktok are 3rd. The rivals Nora and Tilana are 2nd and the winners are Kaylah and Cadoras! Kaylah gets a belt of dwarvenkind as a prize!

Archemedes suddenly owes out 100gp to people and so he just flys away!

Buts what's this?! The pests start to amalgamate and become 1 giant multiheaded monster that starts attacking! Kaylah rushes in to unleash a flurry of blows and Elleva becomes her wolf form and knocks it prone. But it's soon back up again and fighting fiercely against them with Elleva taking the brunt of its attacks. She is soon forced out of her wolf form! Py tries to study it but doesn't glean much. Kaylah manages to stub it and eventually after Ophelia brings it to the brink Timmy lands the final blow!

The beast falls part back into the pests it once was. They look somewhat bewildered but are otherwise unharmed and go back to trying to gnaw on anything nearby! They notice bits of regurgitated pest bait around and collect some for study. Py also goes and gets some uneaten stuff for comparison.

Next time (which will actually be tonight as I post this) we go into another round of free time for the gang.
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Session 24

So we enter free time. I've decided to edit free time so everyone gets 2 things to do rather than 1. I'm trying to mange timelines and everyone has more going on so makes sense to allow them nore to do between main campaign events. I'll go round the group with everyone doing 1 thing then go round again for their second thing.

Archemedes goes to his covert Poison Club and brings Timmy along as Timmy now works in the research labs and may be able to help out with their research. They go out looking for more ingredients for Hails Revenge and after a fruitless morning mange to find a good spot in the afternoon and harvest the remaining 3/4 of ingredients they need to make a dose. Archemedes is able to uccessfylly prepare a dose of Hails Revenge over the couslrse of a week or so. (In terms of game mechanics I'm not going by the book as I really dislike the 5e rules for crafting. It takes far to long to make anything and is wholly unrealistic)

Erky and Metsutha reveal their findings of research into poisons that Archemedes previously asked them to do and Timmy studies the Witherbloom plantlife encyclopedia (all roll insanely well) and so the group now has 3 more poison recipes to try out; Purple Mist, White Tincture and Midnight Tears.

Ophelia wants to become a better Dragonchess player so spends some time training and wants to test what she's learnt.

She studies books at the Biblioplex which doesn't go great, then studies past match reports at the club which goes better and tries to work out how to incorporate that into she play which goes well.

Py allows her to have a practice match against CAS to test herself and although she initially does badly against his robotic efficency once she starts to employ Elthos Gangam's techniques, known as the Gangam Style (I know my group is so witty) into her game she turns the match around and comes out victorious. She earns a +2 to checks in matches when employing the Gangam Style.

[We didn't do a great amount this session. We spent a lot of time chatting nonsense {and a fair bit discussing the dnd OGL controversy} and I took a while to work out what to do about about crafting poisons- I admit I should've worked this out already as I knew it was coming but I didn't realise how bad the 5e rules were] anyway we'll continue with free time next session.