Wish Spoiler


Well now you do! Unfortunately all this space is located at the centre of the earth which you lack access to.

I wish I had a larger television.


Za Warudo
Granted, but you can only sleep in it for a maximum of 6 hours a day, for an assassin will try to attack you if you exceed the limit.

I wish I had a chilli dog.


Death Scythe
Fixed. Now your sleep will be on a permanant loop from 10pm-7am for the rest of your life.

I wish I could lose some weight ;)

(and Owly how dare you think a spoilt wish is my constant QVC, tis my guilty pleasure that channel! :p)


Death Scythe
Granted. TGIF. Sadly speeding up time has destroyed Saturday and Sunday leaving you with a perpetual Monday-Friday.

I wish it was late November. (When my Chrismas spirit is a go!)