Wish Spoiler


So heres how it goes, someone makes a wish, and the next person spoils it.
Then they make a wish and so on...

Ill give an example:
Person 1: I wish for a chicken sandwich.
Person 2: The chicken is out of date and gives you food poisoning.

Get it? Ill start:
I wish i had a puppy :]
You get Lucky Star, but the wrong audio track has been added to the discs.

You get a boat, but I smash it up :D

I wish I was on an aeroplane
Im stuck on this one. Lets just say they appear somewhere you dont want them to :)

I wish i lived in the hidden leaf village!
You get physically attached to the computer and die when the electricity turns off

I wish I had a nice tub of mint ice cream
You move to the hidden leaf village, but Naruto beats you to death after you accidently eat his bowl of ramen!

You don't have to come off the computer, but you get the blue screen of death

and I think I'll just second the confusing one, something is going horribly wrong in this thread :D

JB goes to N.Korea, ends communism, and becomes a world leader.

I wish all spiders would die
stuart-says-yes said:
I think my evilness definitely peaked in that one :D

You start counting all the leaves on a tree, and eventually succumb to insanity.

I wish pluto was still a planet