Wish Spoiler


Dandy Guy, in Space
So heres how it goes, someone makes a wish, and the next person spoils it.
Then they make a wish and so on...

Ill give an example:
Person 1: I wish for a chicken sandwich.
Person 2: The chicken is out of date and gives you food poisoning.

Get it? Ill start:
I wish i had a puppy :]


Jafar kills you after gaining his freedom.

I wish the world was more like a game of risk and I was winning


School Idol
You get Lucky Star, but the wrong audio track has been added to the discs.

You get a boat, but I smash it up :D

I wish I was on an aeroplane


Dandy Guy, in Space
Im stuck on this one. Lets just say they appear somewhere you dont want them to :)

I wish i lived in the hidden leaf village!


School Idol
You get physically attached to the computer and die when the electricity turns off

I wish I had a nice tub of mint ice cream