Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)

Rui said:
Mutsumi said:
Miya sounds familiar... I think I have a few CDs with that name on. If the music is the same, and the packaging and other contents are the same, all bar the little logo in the corner/spine/wherever, then what is the problem?

Because you could steal them yourself by downloading and make your own CDs, and the creators would get just as much money (none) from it, yet you wouldn't have paid a bootlegger for the privilege?

What's the point in buying things at all if you aren't going to support the actual creative staff?

(I appreciate in this case it's unintentional as some of those CD bootleggers try to look as authentic as possible but once you know...)


If I download something and like it, I will buy it when it becomes available to me, otherwise I don't feel like it is actually part of my collection. With bootleg soundtracks, I feel they are close enough to the original (usually exactly the same bar one logo) to feel as if it is a proper part of my collection. I will not seek bootlegs; I'd rather have the proper version, but I've no concern about the odd soundtrack here or there. I also have no moral quandary about where the money I paid is going, as I have never given it any thought when buying soundtracks. Bootlegs of anything else though I avoid like the plague, bar one bootleg DVD boxset of all the Ghibli movies up to a certain year I bought once, before they all got UK releases. I have since replaced 90% of the boxset with the R2 Ghibli collection releases.

tl;dr version: I don't buy many soundtracks anyways, so I don't mind that some are bootlegs, and that the bootlegs are so close to the originals that I do not feel I am missing out on anything. I avoid all other bootlegs like the plague.
Mutsumi said:
tl;dr version: I don't buy many soundtracks anyways, so I don't mind that some are bootlegs, and that the bootlegs are so close to the originals that I do not feel I am missing out on anything. I avoid all other bootlegs like the plague.

Well, I hope you try to avoid those labels now you know ^^;

I am happy to help give advice with regards to buying legit soundtracks as I have a fair few of them. It's odd that you don't tolerate bootleg DVDs but have a different view of CDs (odd to me that is, probably not that unusual overall given how music has devalued).

cercia said:
I recommend Play.com, DVD Pacific and United Publications, the only place I have ever recieved bootlegs was from CEX in London, but I think every otaku by now can easily tell the subtle differences in products between pirates and legal copies.

CEX? I didn't think they would take bootlegs
CEX took all sorts of things. One doubts whether all the hardware in the window of my local branch was in a good condition. Oddly enough, said branch has now closed down.
CloudedMinds said:
Regarding bootlegs on Amazon, surely you can see a seller rating system like what you do on Ebay right?

It's the usual problem - folks in the know will spot the tell-tale signs, while others will simply cruise right over to the checkout button.

General rule of thumb where Amazon is concerned: If there's no product image, don't go near it.
I,ve been using United Publications for many,many years,as far back as the old days of VHS and think there sevice is amazing,very friendly and reliable,for the odd region 3 title i have i use yesasia.
I just received my first delivery from CDXers - and I'm impressed! Region 1 discs arrived less than a week after ordering! That's NEVER happened to me before! :eek:
Could you post this CDXers web address, i get some odd things come up when i just stuff it into google.
Why not do a quick search for them on Amazon? They're on Play as well.

Prices are not always the best, but jiminy are they fast!
R1 recommendations
United publications: Good service, but take into account shipping costs when ordering.
DVD pacific: Also good service but I haven't ordered from them in a while.
www.play-asia.com & www.yesasia.com: Good service and (relatively) quick postage (yesasia offers free postage if your order is above a certain value like amazon). They are also good for jpop cds/dvds and asian films if you're interested.

play.com, amazon, blahdvd and sendit.com all offer good service, and don't forget united publications often have specials on uk dvds as well.
The new DVD Pacific are pretty good imo as long as you aren't ordering something over the customs limit. Not quite as good as the old DVD Pacific, but still.
Places I have always had relatively good experiences with are:

Axelmusic I use these most now as the price is generally a little less than buying R1 discs direct from the states plus the duty.

Deepdiscount.com was my main DVD source when the dollar was closer to 2:1. I still buy one offs once in a while but stay under £18 value or the duty bites. Though when I first used them they had the same security thing as rightstuf.

Playusa used to be good but the prices and stock are not as good nowadays. Also the titles they get seem to be dwindling.

Amazon.com I sometimes use them for those DVDs sold exclusively through amazon and one or two other US stores.

Amazon.co.uk I mainly pick up hard to find second hand stuff from marketplace people.

Play.com I mainly use traders like moviemars (cheaper here than amazon) if they have R1 discs available as if things are under £18 you generally can't get them cheaper than from here. If I must have a European R2 disc I will usually use play themselves.

UP1 are really quick for delivery and tend to have stuff you can't get easily elsewhere. They are though a bit dearer than axlemusic most of the time by the time you add postage.

Otaku.co.uk have been okay when I used them but they are not as cheap as others.

The book depository usually get my money for manga unless I order them where I get my comics.