What you guys doing right now.

sat in work....have alot of personal issues in my head and don't know how things are going to turn out. dont know what would happen if things went down the worst case scenario route or if things will get better. whats annoying is, its one of those "if it turns out going wrong then things are going to get really bad.....if it turns out well, it'll still be bad"


well, guess this is my key phrase during these times.

in other words...when all else fails, take your mind off the subject. walk away and come back when you can deal with the problem.
Tachi- said:
in other words...when all else fails, take your mind off the subject. walk away and come back when you can deal with the problem.

A great solution to most problems :) hope things start going better for you soon.
Tachi- said:
>>Xel<< said:
Should be getting started on my media essay but I'm procrastinating yet again. Instead, I'm watching LP videos and searching for bass guitars

Linkin Park :thumb: Nice one :D

Chaos said:
Wondering if I the wind could lift me if I had a big kite....

i worry about you sometimes mate :lol:

-resumes talk on msn-

^-^ Whilst I do like Linkin Park older LP < newer LP
I had abbreviated "Lets Play" to LP forgetting that LP was a common abbreviation of Linkin Park. Sorry for the confusion ^-^

Anywho, I am trying to write an essay that is in for tomorrow after being distracted by videos and the ending of MGS4

Had a crappy kickboxing session after my teacher embarrassed me in front of my class but I've ranted on Lj so I feel better

A Japan club is starting tomorrow at my school - just hoping that it won't be lame D=
Sorting out my Cosplay for Amecon, I have everything for my Asuma Sarutobi outfit except his Trench Knives, just found a set online for $10 but the shipping to the UK they want $150 so I'm gonna make a set instead
Back in work, atleast its friday :)

ever have the problem of; this weekend i have absolutely nothing planned. but next weekend im torn between 6 people?

guess im spending saturday asleep :lol:
I'm listening to a Yale lecture by Terry Eagleton entitled "The Limits of Liberalism", where he talks about religion and the liberal attitude towards it, using Dawkins and Hitchens as examples. It's very, very good and it's definitely making me re-think my perceptions of liberalism and religion (though I still find religion to be aberrant, and I'll remain a staunch liberal :p).
Talking to mates and trying to find something to do this weekend.

I think I might head off to town with some friends to see the new hulk and to maybe get some anime, and manga ;p.

Its raining, so I was unhappy...

But then...

I got another kitten! <3

Its a tiny, small, black/grey, girl kitten; Its so cute.

I named it rambo! <3
Just got in from a suprise early shift. 1 o'clock bed 4 o'clock rise, to do a stuid 3 hour shift and then i still got to go in at 5PM to do another 4 more.