What manga are you reading now?


The Rising of the Shield Hero (LN) vol 1...I’ll definitely be reading more. I groaned inside when I realised it was written in the first person, as I don’t like books like that but I got on with it better that vol 1 of SAO


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Battle Angel Alita Vols. 2 and 3
A bit weird as the first chapter of the second volume finished the story from the first volume and then the same thing happened with the first chapter of the 3rd volume for the story started in the 2nd volume. You'd have thought that if it was just one chapter away why not have the end of the story in the same volume. And they both moved away from what I thought the first volume was setting up. Now instead of a bounty hunter she's a player in a violent roller derby/rugby-ish sport! Still plenty of action though.


Adventuring Alchemist
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Infinite Dendrogram volume 8 (light novel)

Flying Witch volumes 2-3

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card volume 5 (Some different scenes to the anime at the end there...)

Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction volume 3

Apparently It's My Fault That My Husband Has The Head of a Beast volume 2 (light novel, complete) - It's a real shame that this one doesn't properly conclude. It looks like it was probably cancelled in Japan (the afterword certainly didn't imply it was the final volume planned at the time), but I went into it knowing that that's likely what happened so I'm not too disappointed. It's a good read if you're looking for a cutesy romance despite this though. :)

In Another World with my Smartphone volume 12 (light novel)

Outbreak Company volume 7 (light novel)

One Room of Happiness volume 4

Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!! volume 2

Dragon Half volumes 1-2 (review to follow)

Anonymous Noise volume 11 - Damnit I need to buy volume 12 right now. Cliffhangers!