What manga are you reading now?


AUKN Staff
Oooo. Waiting patiently to see if my comic shop gets it in on Friday before I resort to ordering online, but temptation is high knowing we get through to the end of the anime...
I think we're going to have wait longer to see what really comes next (Vol. 10 isn't due out till Feb 2019). It's still very interesting to see to what extent the anime and the manga are similar - and Yamazaki-sensei's comments at the end are (as ever) well worth reading. :)


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Re:Zero (light novel) volume 5 - At the point where the series is starting to get really good again. I can't imagine I'm more than two volumes away from being beyond the anime, too.
Girls' Last Tour Vol 4
And so we reach the end of the available English volumes and also where the anime finished. There was even less in the manga about where the girls come from than in the anime. I hope the last 2 volumes have some answers, but that will have to wait till December! (and then February)