What manga are you reading now?


Adventuring Alchemist
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Me, a Genius? I Was Reborn into Another World and I Think They’ve Got the Wrong Idea volume 2 (light novel)

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom volume 6 (light novel)


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Of the Red, the Light and the Ayakashi Vol. 10 The final volume - which is side stories as the main story concluded in Vol. 9. Ravishing artwork - this manga should appeal to those (like me) who like tales of the supernatural with kitsune, ayakashi etc...
As the observant who recognise my avatar will probably realise*, I've been reading Made in Abyss - the discussion we had about the anime and the potential differences between it and the manga left me feeling like I should. And once I started I uh, couldn't stop and I had to read it up to date in scanlations (but I promise to buy the rest of the volumes as they come out in English, and I hasten to add I didn't give any scummy "read manga online" sites my pageviews, p2p ftw).

And should I have read it all? I'm torn. On the one hand I've totally spoiled any surprises the second season of the anime had in store for me now I imagine, but wow, it is getting really interesting with new locations and characters, and considerably darker. Prushka's entire existence was just about the saddest thing I've witnessed in anime or manga for a while. That's gonna stay with me. I love the somewhat sketchy art, it reminds me a bit of ABe's stuff.

So is the manga more lolicious? Yeah, it is, a little bit, admittedly. I think for those who want to steer clear of this aspect it's probably better sticking to the anime, which is cleaning it up a bit. There's nothing particularly explicit, but there is a bit of nudity and on some occasions it's fair to say it is sexualised. But the story and world of Made in Abyss is so different and fascinating (not to mention the tone and atmosphere, which is weird - It's not really like anything else I can compare it to, I almost want to compare it to Higurashi but no, it's more like a never-ending version of that one episode of FMA where you-know-what happens and that kind of shocking darkness juxtaposed with the hopefulness and spirit of the main characters just has a certain appeal to me - Literally staring into the Abyss, I guess) I think it's going to keep me enthralled whatever happens.

*Faputa (I can't decide whether that name is unfortunate or intentional, or which would be more hilarious) is both adorable and terrifying, which made her rapidly ascend in my favourite character ranks.
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I have to ask since I know CR jetissoned the older chapters, colossal editions?
I've wanted to read berserk myself, I just don't find buying the volumes cost effective though
I'm fluent in French so I guess I'll buy the French version from Amazon. Can't think of any other alternative in English...


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Posted this one wrong thread at first.

"I'been reading a quite a lot recently. I went from start of volume 15 of Attack On Titan to the most recent chapter. Then i started Golden Kamuy and read pretty quickly up to 151th chapter (159 is the current one)

I also started reading Beastars alongside GK and i reached latest chapter on that one also.

I would like to focus on something that is already finished but i think Made In Abyss is going to be the next big thing."