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What manga are you reading now?

Discussion in 'General Manga Chit-Chat' started by Red XIII, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. ShipTeaser

    ShipTeaser Dandy Guy, in Space

    Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody 1
    Top quality, really looking forwards to where this is going next volume. All these transported to a game world novels seem to be really popular lately, but at least a lot of them are pretty good
  2. Demelza

    Demelza Adventuring Alchemist AUKN Staff

    Scum's Wish volume 1
  3. Sunshineabove

    Sunshineabove Brigade Leader

    yeah i read it too

    did you like it
  4. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Dragon Knight

    Tokyo Ghoul: Void (novel)...only read unless you've got up to vols 9-10 of the manga.
  5. Demelza

    Demelza Adventuring Alchemist AUKN Staff

    I've read the whole series (well, what has been released so far!) through Crunchyroll previously, so this was more of a reread. I do really like the series for taking a more realistic approach to love (and to a certain extant feelings of a more sexual nature), and I'm glad Yen have been releasing. :)
  6. sora

    sora Magical Girl

    Kingdom - Upto chapter 250. Amazing series
  7. Sunshineabove

    Sunshineabove Brigade Leader

    Twin Star Exorcists Vol 1
  8. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Thousand Master

    That Wolf-Boy is Mine!, Volume 1

    Pretty standard first volume with a lot of the usual things you've come to expect from a manga for this demographic, I like the artwork on show here, real pretty shojo artwork. I like the main lass, headstrong with a bit more backbone compared to some of her contemporaries, the group of guys had very little explained about them so hopefully as it goes along we'll learn more about them as what little that was explained was quite intriguing.
  9. Neil.T

    Neil.T Great Teacher

    Finished reading The Art of Satoshi Kon.

    My favourite quote from Kon in his commentary section at the back of the book, writing about a Perfect Blue film poster he designed:

    God rest his soul.
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  10. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Thousand Master

    That Wolf-Boy is Mine!, Volumes 2 - 3

    I think the series is sound enough story wise, though any hope of anything more deep and meaningful happening with regards to the cast and their emotions has kind of gone out the window, the series is just lacking that extra oomph it could have really done with, there isn't really any depth to the cast that takes them beyond their typically specific roles, the art is still rather pretty though!
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  11. Demelza

    Demelza Adventuring Alchemist AUKN Staff

    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Volume 1
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  12. Sunshineabove

    Sunshineabove Brigade Leader

    Just read One-Punch Man Volumes 1-2
    it's pretty good I like the writing and the art fits it really well
  13. Neil.T

    Neil.T Great Teacher

    Not a manga, but I've started re-reading Anime: A History by Jonathan Clements. It's a fascinating account of animation in Japan, going as far back as (potentially) 1912.

    A really interesting and challenging read.
  14. Jatz

    Jatz Hunter

    Vinland Saga Book 8
    Nana Vol 2-3

    Vinland wins!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  15. bailey1985

    bailey1985 Straw Hat Pirate

    Ne Ne Ne ch 1 - 4
  16. Sarah

    Sarah Staff AUKN Staff

    Tokyo Tarareba Girls Vol 1 by Akiko Higashimura (Princess Jellyfish) Sadly a digital-only release but still well worth a read if you like witty, sharply observed josei; great stuff!
  17. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Thousand Master

    Interviews with Monster Girls, Volumes 1 - 2
  18. Sarah

    Sarah Staff AUKN Staff

    Ten Count Vol. 3
  19. Demelza

    Demelza Adventuring Alchemist AUKN Staff

    Sword Art Online (Novel) Volume 9 - I'm enjoying this new arc but also equally frustrated by the fact we haven't had as much time with Asuna. :(
  20. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Thousand Master

    Love Stage!!, Volume 6

    I really enjoy when they go back to the Izumi wants to be a Manga Author stories.