What Games Are You Playing?


Mad Scientist
Still powering through the end game content in Diablo 3 - all ready to switch over to Destiny when it comes out in the couple of weeks though.


Magical Girl
Persona 4: Golden
8 hours in and still grinding in Yukiko's castle

Jak and Daxter Trilogy
Completed the First two areas of the first game collecting all of the precursor orbs and power cells.
Need to collect one scout fly on snowy mountain for the last power cell there.
Currently have about 80/101 power cells and about 1500/2000 orbs.


Lord of the Rings: War in the North - i've had this for a while but never really put time into it. Started working on it properly tonight and i'm into chapter 2 now. It's pretty solid, good fun. Playing as Andreil with a bit of a battle-magey style and it's great. The only gripe i have is that, you can't find all the secrets in each chapter/area because the AI controlled allies don't recognise where they are. It seems to be built around only allowing the character specific triggers to only be hit when controlled by another player. Now while i get that adds some replayability/co-operative stuff, i'd like to be able to get everything in one playthrough. Regardless, it's still good fun, i just want it for my completionists sake.


Death Scythe
Cheers for the review of sorts Lutga. I'm kinda disheartened that the game is like that, it's going to feel like I'm reading a kindle lol.

I finished The Walking Dead Series 2 Episode 5 on Saturday. If no one was around, I'd of cried at the death of a character in it for sure. I had a knot in my throat and welled up eyes. The ending was a tough one! I've stayed true with my choice and my loyalty throughout the 2 Series so I wasn't going to change that now. With there being a choice of 5 endings though, I genuinely don't know what the hell Telltale are going to do with Series 3?!?!?

Super duper game for sure.


Za Warudo
Finally getting around to playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I started it ages back, but haven't touched it since, so it's time to play through it proper now that I have a bit more time.


Za Warudo
I've been playing a bit of Street Fighter x Tekken recently, it's a solid game and the Tekken characters have adapted surprisingly well to the context of a Street Fighter game, so I'm curious to see how Namco deals with Tekken x Street Fighter. My main gripe with this game is the **** intro/endings. The intros could've been more character specific (they did it with the endings, so what gives?) and the lack of anything bar a black screen with text and narration for the character specific endings is weak. Either put in some effort, or don't bother at all is what I say.

That said, it's still a fun game, but my enjoyment of fighting games has gone down a bit as I used to be able to play these kind of games on my own for hours, but now, I definitely need someone to play with, but I don't know anyone who could get to grips with Street Fighter's mechanics (and I'd rather play a game in the same room than online).


Pokémon Master
Finished Final Fantasy XIII-2, a great game and I think the flak this game receives is mostly unfair (mostly because I love the battle system in the FF13 games). I'm taking a quick break to play BioShock 2 before starting Lightning Returns.

Elsewhere, I've been watching a documentary series made by the History Channel about the development of human civilization, and this has naturally left me in the mood for playing Civilization 4 again. I'm currently playing as the Portuguese and have just finished conquering the Incas. I see no reason to attack anyone else on my continent so I'm looking for new land overseas :twisted:


Death Scythe
Played some Layton & The Miracle Mask :)

I'm getting used to the horrendous gameplay now but I hate the animation outside of the cut scenes though. They've made Layon and Luke look ugly and badly drawn! hahaha.


Za Warudo
I've started playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution again, I've just realised that I'm super low on pretty much everything, which means being super sneaky and relying on takedowns for a while, I could never find the vendor in Hengsha.


Quintessential Grav
AUKN Staff
So I decided to download PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale from PS+.

The menus look like the game was made from 2007. Huh.

I did manage to get through Arcade Mode with Kratos on hardest difficulty. It was fairly easy but the fight against the Twisted Metal person and the Boss Battle were ridiculous.


Pokémon Master
Got some US PSN credit so bought Legend of Dragoon, Breath of Fire 4 and Xenogears (to prepare for Xenoblade X). Breath of Fire 4 is still a great game.

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
I finished The Walking Dead Season 2 earlier this week and followed that up by finishing Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. This morning, I played a little Outrun Coast to Coast and I'm about to start Star Ocean: First Departure.

Also, Breath of Fire 4 is so good! I need to play that again.


Za Warudo
Just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I love the choices they give you at the end. Normally it's more clear cut and I go for the one that suits my moral compass, but here? Everything is morally grey.


Death Scythe
Still at Layton when I get some time.

My boy and Brother are playing The Last Of Us atm. The Bro has already completed the game and that before. They're both just taking turns playing like 20 mins each as the boy hasn't played before but always wanted to. I want to play the game in turns with my Brother too but we tried and well, I'm poo. I can't do the stealth when you're searching for the guy with your guns around the containers and stuff. I got well shot up :(

I'm also playing Zynga Poker on FB lolol. I had a good streak going and made almost 2 mill but I had a bad patch yesterday and am on like 200k now lolol.