What Games Are You Playing?


playing a bit of a mixture

PSP: Still playing Dissidia can't get enought of this game =)
xb360: Mainly Halo 3 ODST i must go back to it even tho i brought it on day of release i can't say ive acutally played it as much as i should have, still trying to get through tales of vesperia
ps3: Cross Edge mainly at the moment but also playing call of duty 5 multi-player -normal or zombies- or killzone 2
ds: Prof Layton and Pandora's Box ~yep thats when are version is called~
wii: not muh really been thinking about getting cursed mountain but not sure if its any good.
ps2: random splurts every now and then of shadow of the collossus


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I'm playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which is absolutely fantastic. It's incredibly epic and non-linear in a way that isn't horribly annoying. I even bought the sequel the other day despite having a lot of stuff left to do in this first game :]
Resident Evil 5. A decent game but the single player experience is seriously underwhelming. And, yes, I could play online but I don't want to.

After an uncertain start I soon came to love RE4 because even though it removed a lot of what I liked about the series, it was a great game in its own right and I respect Capcom for taking the game in such a radically different direction. The sequel, however, hasn't really moved on from that and after last year's Dead Space feels clunky and old. It's also introduced some very annoying elements, not least of which is Sheva. Now, I actually think she's pretty competent and let her take all the handgun ammo while I use the more powerful weapons, but I really don't want AI tagging along shooting mah zom... er, infected humans. And the real time inventory can fark right off.

Also, it has even less atmosphere that RE4 and few moments of real panic.


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You should play RE5 with me! Assuming you have a 360, no mic is needed already got the basics covered thanks to the whole quick message system. Would also like to start up an RE5 vs RE4 discussion, but I really don't think it'd work out, too many Leon fanboys lurking.

Anyway, bought Turtles in Time: Re-shelled last night, not as good as the original on Arcade/SNES/Whatever, music is butchered, but it's still fun.
I might be up for that once I've finished (currently on chapter 4-2 or thereabouts). I cancelled my Gold subscription last month because I wasn't playing SFIV any more, but I have a 48hr trial code with the game and I could always get another month if co-op is awesome (though I can't see myself wanting to play through the game more than twice).


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Sweet, I'll give you a real taste of how RE5 should be played, I also got a 48 hour code that I got from Halo: ODST I'd be willing to give to you just in case one isn't enough. Just post a message on my MAL or something when you feel you're up to it.


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i'm playing ODST at the moment

so far it's good, but i can't matchmake in the firefight mode, which annoys me because my friends don't have it :evil:

who else here has it? if so add goldfishclowns to your friends list :wink:


memorium said:
i'm playing ODST at the moment

so far it's good, but i can't matchmake in the firefight mode, which annoys me because my friends don't have it :evil:

who else here has it? if so add goldfishclowns to your friends list :wink:

I've got it, i'm just looking to find other people to help me get the vidmasters on it. I'm in the process of doing the level on legendary without using a gun or grenade, but thats quite tough.


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Scribblenauts - damn is it fun. :D

I'm better at the puzzle levels. The action levels aren't so hot due to the slightly iffy controls and the fact my brain can't handle what the game asks of it. :lol:


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Just downloaded the Tropico 3 demo. Hope it's good, I enjoyed the first game a lot. Being a dictator has always appealed to me. 8)

Enlargement of above smiley:



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40 hours into Star Ocean and the best part of the game happens, and it was like a twenty minute cut scene of mediocrity, woosh! I traded Faize for Arumat his name is an anagram of "Trauma" the epitome of deep.
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im just about to start playing Uncharted 2 =) -we got the rentals in at work today and seeing as i don't pay for them and can have it early i thought i would start it now =)


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I've just finished Heavenly Sword. Took me about 7 ahours to complete it, but I guess that I could have done better if I wasn't coughing while steering the cannonballs and arrows :p