What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Magical Girl
Some hallowe’en viewing.



Death Scythe
Distraction equipment arrived in preparation for when Hand Shakers 2.0 (Tokyo Babylon) drops and the big "If only... 😭" waterfalls begin.
Already have 2/3 of the show in German (sub-only) DVDs and the last third in JP DVDs and also had the French DVD box inbetween at some point. Especially with all those German TV rebroadcasts back in the mid 2000s I probably must have partially watched it 4-6 times already or so. Didn't really expect to be watching it again anytime soon (and go into teethcrunch mode over the manga not getting finished), so wasn't much in a hurry to upgrade.
But eh.

Since I ordered directly from the publisher I got this magazine extra, which also comes with a free first eps DVD. (Which bar Witchblade, I've seen them all before already...) Still a nice surprise.

And all that came in a box, that was 5 times as big as the item. A refreshing change of my recent 90% of everything must arrive damaged quota!


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Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
Received just one title today, the Galaxy Express 999 TV Series Collection 2 Blu-ray. I forgot to order this one when it came out, and it has been OOS for months at Rightstuf. I got tired of waiting for RS to restock, so I picked it up directly from Discotek's eBay site. Got it only 4 days after placing my order, and it arrived in perfect condition. I now have all 3 collection sets of GE999 that have been released, up through episode 113.