What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


AUKN Staff

The UK limited edition Blu-ray & DVD release for Goblin Slayer has arrived via United Publications, a week earlier than the release date which is a surprise. Much like OVERLORD II, the standard edition artwork is used instead of the limited edition artwork. The box has a very nice texture to it and the BBFC stickers can easily be removed. The glue that sticks the info sheet can damage the box so be careful on that. You can view more photos and specs on my blog.


Pokémon Master
My bike broke this morning so had to take the afternoon off to take it to the shop and fixed. Ended ip spending more than I should in town...
Incidentally DM was only 11.99 and TX 19.99 in HMV which seemed like a reasonable bargain for blu ray series.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Surprised you got Demon Lord already (a man of culture I see), out of curiosity who did you order with and how much did it cost ya?
I know someone who sends them my way. I can’t recall the exact cost including shipping though the outer box thing makes the set look bigger than it is.


Magical Girl
Two packages came in today, going to pick up three more packages tomorrow. Also got hit with customs on Log Horizon, for the first time ever from Amazon, when they haven't sent with expedited...