What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

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Mine is from AOL as when they had 20% off it was cheaper than ALs
Same. It was actually 4 months ago I ordered it, along with the Part 1, Maquia, and Mirai CEs. My order says Complete now, so evidently they have shipped it. 10-12 days over here, so hopefully I get it by the end of next week. 🤓

EDIT: I actually got a shipping notification from AOL in my email about 4 hours before I posted this, so it is definitely on the way!
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Picked up a fair bit of stuff in today's episode of "oh god you bought something again".

First I went to HMV to basically get an anime for the monthly haul since I realised everything I've ordered online is like due for later in the year (and it wouldn't surprise me if Jin-Roh won't ship until after MCM). In the end, I went with Assassination Classroom the Movie: 365 Days’ Time from distributor Manga Entertainment. Pricing-wise it was cheaper than the online stores at £14.99 and considering I just recently finished the second season the timing was about right. Got a mini-unboxing for those who want more photos.

In HMV I also picked up two films from distributor MUBI. These two Blu-ray releases are normal films from well-received directors. First is Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria which is my favourite film of 2018 overall for its unique take on the Dario Argento film with its own vision, direction, story, music, and presentation. It's nothing like the original film but one that I think will become a cult classic over time. The second is David Robert Mitchell's Under the Silver Sake which I heard was pretty good and only just got released in the US. I watched the trailer prior and I was intrigued by its story. Both of these films were bought under HMV's 2 for £25 deal.

Meanwhile, in GAME, I bought more PlayStation 4 titles as part of their pre-owned 2 for £30 range. I went back to the store because I spotted Fate/Extella Link last time and figured I may as well get it from the deal even if I have yet to start and finish the first one, and to my surprise they added Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition and so my chosen titles were done and sorted.