What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Great Teacher
One Piece P.O.P. Law for a bargain price of £22 and also Attack on Titan - Roar of Awakening with the coasters, for some reason i thought it was 1 random coaster so nice suprise when i opened the box and it was all 8 and also a pic of all of Attack on Titan releases so far



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I was able to preorder it on amazon a while back. Pretty much as soon as it changed from being just Oldboy to the whole trilogy.
Ah I ordered mine from HMV so looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer.


State Alchemist
Got six packages, and picked up an X-Files lot. X-Files came to £22 for the complete series and the two films.
That’s a hell of a deal for that X-Files box, it set me back £70. But I wanted to get it before it went OOP, the new packaging is crap by comparison.


State Alchemist
Found a TV bargain of my own: House of Cards Seasons 1 & 2 Blu-ray in CeX for £2.50. The best seasons, I thought, so I wasn't particularly bothered about getting the others... Then I spied Season 3 for £1 (and I know Season 5 is only £4.49 in HMV). Of course, I'll probably never find Seasons 4 and 6 with the same packaging now.


And who wants Season 11.
Honestly, I mostly enjoyed Seasons 10 & 11 with the very massive exception of the Chris Carter penned bookends "My Struggle I-IV" (I mean, it tells you something when you title your episodes after a book by Hitler) which need writing out of existence with extreme prejudice. Seriously (X-Files Season 11 "spoiler" if you can really call it that) "And then I woke up and IT WAS ALL A DREAM" is a cliche so overused, unoriginal and anti-climactic I remember we were told to avoid it in middle school English lessons. I've rarely been more mad. And David Duchovny sounds like he's actually dying inside when he delivers some of Carter's terrible dialogue. Thanks for setting the ball rolling Chris, but it's time to retire.
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I love the Mandela Effect episode but that’s about it. Yeah the mythology was worse than ever, also MOTW it felt missing Vince Gillian which is why I still like 7,8,9 his episodes were always pretty good.
(And Reyes was done dirty in the revival)