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Fate/Apocrypha Part II finally arrived yesterday from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and is the last of the four items in my Aniplex of America Pre-order I placed with them back in October, for both parts of FMA:B and both parts of F/A. TOM has sales and points that can cut the price of Aniplex releases by 20-30% or more, but they also do not ship the releases until 7-8 weeks after their release date, so it's a long wait to realize your savings. I don't think I'll be using TOM for any more Aniplex purchases - I'm too impatient to wait that long to get my anime, and would rather pay full price for them at RightStuf and get them right after release.

NOTE: The obi is not curled or damaged on the back, that's just glare from overhead lights shining on the plastic bag. ^^


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They sent me set 1 instead of set 2 so that’s another email for SecondSpin customer services. Riddle is still in its original shrink wrap (Disc made in Mexico printed on the back) and set 3 was in very good condition for the price I paid.
SecondSpin are sending out a replacement Set 2 so fingers crossed.