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Half a year's (or partly almost a year?) worth of collective UK stuff part 1/3 with some posters. (This will take a while to sort out, going to do that tommorow.) (Also a bulkload of Manga, but that's for sunday.)
And on top of all of that my late Rakuten France order. (It was shipped on Tuesday and already got here. That was fast!)
The first item was 16,69€ on shipping, addind Eupho was 1€ shipping extra and Last Exile was 2€ extra. Figured I might get the latter, so that I have S1 on BD or rather at all next to the S2 from Funi that I already have. I used to have the old collector's DVD box of S1, which had the nicest cover illustration of them all, but was also a very much unhandy monster digipack. (Definitely more than a few panels too much on one piece.) But that box now doesn't have that artwork on the digipack design and even in its artbook. .__. The digipack is pretty nicely designed and artbook's content is, aside from the missing favorite illustration of mine otherwise pretty full of content. But they stuffed so many of the key illustrations (especially the landslides) as 2 on one page, and the size really does them no justice at all.
Eupho is literally the same as the UK AL one except for the slipcover's backside's text. I also got the UK one (which I just got the same day, lol), but the French one was actually cheaper than the UK one's and figured I'd keep the French one and pass on the UK one, since I could read the texts. But given that the booklet doesn't actually really contain any text, I wouldn't have to worry about that anyway...

And then goes the main attraction of the last few days with that A4 Steins;Gate box.
I first saw this unboxing:
And though, yay, can do some frankensteining with it and some books with artwork, some of which seem pretty exclusive.
Turned out, that box was actually OOP and instead the one that's just about listed everywhere is a lesser version of it with just about exactly the same box design and cover. (Dybex, why o why.) By a hair I ordered that one, but thanks to @mangatoon 's comment in the French editions thread that was avoided. (Like really, that passing comment came to be exactly 1 day before I had planned to order it. What a timing!)
After some adventures I wound up with the original box after all. Though it's sub-only, which wasn't exactly my original plan, but whatever. At least I got both books.

The box really is massive and sizewise puts the Terror in Resonance AL box to shame:
(The Ghost in the Shell CE is probably closer to it? Don't have that one yet) It's indeed exactly A4, when I matched a sheet of paper on it, but on it's own it very much looks a whole lot bigger.

Tried matching up a NISA and had to learn that NISA's aren't really A4 at all, but probably more like B4.

But yeah, being exactly A4, it could indeed go the the artbook shelf sizewise (while putting all the loose artbooks to shame by having a much bigger spine). My Hyouka artbooks have the same size as the box's face, indeed. (And yes, I just had to show off the most expensive book I ever bought again.)

Now that I think of it, the AL UE size might be the weirdest of them so far. The NISA ones can turn 90° and then they're as high as normal DVDs. The A4 can go next to artbooks in theory. And the UE is just an ??? atm. Gues that's just me having one single UE in my permanent collection, so it's weird.
Anyway all of them are going into the "random sizes" box:
Korean Hyouka still beats them all. Seeing it like that makes me wonder, why I even ever made a fuss about the A4 size.

That S;G artbook is really cool indeed. Even without the second the normal one is massive enough on it's own. While differentiating their three almost identical looking release editions was a major messy confusion, really thumbs up for all those illustrations, which I hadn't even seen on the net before.
This is my first landscape artbook in real artbook size and not just booklet size, but the advantages are really obvious for landscape format illustrations. (Normal artbooks either have them go through two pages and the spine is in the way, so you don't actually get the full image to see or they squeeze two landscapes on one A4 page.)

The only solemn points I have is that the huke artwork for the first BD box in Japan, which was used for the French DVD box, isn't included. (Even though they used 2 of the three those BD covers from the box insides.) And that two images, which were among my favorites, wound up like this

While they do portrait with the more detailed key illustrations otherwise like this:

Which just makes me go a little bit why did it have to be exactly those two. ;___;
And there I realized I totally got spoiled within a couple of minutes into raising standard. Those two illustration's size isn't any smaller than a BD booklet's image would have been and I used to be fine with that.
Now I'm kind of glad I looked into Last Exile before S;G, it looks really terribly cramped in comparison. I might get used to those A4s after all. Though I'll have to see about the IDP A4s, which are not exactly A4, being as high, but only about as wide as a BD height. (And that slim format looks less nice in my eyes somehow, same way I prefer BD cover aspect ratio over DVD cover aspect ratio.)

At any rate, there was one thing I wasn't accounting for, that was that the inner boxes weren't chipboxes, but just cardbox boxes. So my frankenstein plan kind of failed after all, because
doesn't look healthy at all.

(I originally had the LE part from Funi with the chipbox (which has the cover of half set part 1 on one side) + Part 2, but had ditched p2's slip (p1 never came with one in the LE) and later the sets themselves in favor of the Anime Classics Editions (liked the artwork better), but that one doesn't fit into the chipbox. I thought originally to get the US Essentials one from Funi (same cover as the AC edition) and put it with the movie into the LE chipbox, while putting the slipcover of P2 over it the essentials edition to have that cover artwork once, too. So I got the halfs again. But of course I had completely forgotten, why I had ditched the slipcovers back in the day. They are DVD sized! S;G has been one of those early era BDs when the height was puffed up to look more like a DVD. x.x)

Now I do wonder what material Dybex used for the artbooks. Same stuff as the first S;G BD box? The book cover kind of looks the same, but the Japanese ones supposedly has 200p. Also the French ones definitely aren't the same as the Anniversary box' booklet contents, which includes some storyboard pages:
But yeah, that box would be a 500€ import, not going to happen any time soon, even if it has the Beta episode and the IBM shorts...

So my current S;G Anime count:
1x Funi TV half sets Blu-ray/DVD Combo
1x Funi Anime Classics Edition Blu-ray (Combo DVDs ditched)
1x Funi Movie Blu-ray (Combo DVD ditched)
1x Peppermint Movie Blu-ray (still didn't manage to get it sold...)
1x French TV sub-only BD + 1x French TV sub-only DVD + French movie sub-only Blu-ray/DVD

And I'm probably getting another one with the French dub at some time. And whatever edition with the beta episode and the IBM shorts will cross my way first. the JP LE movie is also on my search list, because I want one of the Drama CDs.
Hm, the last shows I went to overboard at having too many(/fancy) editions were all shows on my favorites lists. Might be high time for enlisting a new entry in there. It's been a couple of years since the last one.
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IMG_7228.JPGNo Game No Life Zero CE arrived from MVM yesterday. Already got Sentai's but supporting UK releases is important.
IMG_7232.JPGThe new Busted record also arrived yesterday.
IMG_7230.JPGSteamworld Heist Vita arrived from LimitedRunGames' blowout sale.
IMG_7231.JPGAnd the Venom steelbook arrived as well.


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Haven't done this for a while. Recent pickups in the last month or so, not counting AL/MVM December sale stuff that's at home.

The 2049 4k limited edition was kinda pricey (especially when I factor in that I'd already bought the standard edition) but it's a HMV exclusive and I don't know how much longer HMV is going to be around.

Now it's just a matter of deciding where to put my Pikari sticker.


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Thought as much. Apparently a Canadian Mogul has his eyes on the company too so there seems to be a bit of hope for HMV yet.